status-declined We have a very limited amount of space for statements in close reasons - if we could fit other OSes there we probably would but we are out of space in that reason's length to do that right now. We have space for only 69 characters more on that close reason - if we expanded to include eOS and others we won't have the space to include them all ...


This seems to be running Ubuntu in a container of some sort. The parts inside the container would be on-topic, just like, say, a Ubuntu Docker or LXC container would be, and to some extend the parts interfacing with the containerization (e.g., networking config inside Ubuntu), but I don't see why the parts outside it would be, which would include the ...


I am one of the downvoters to this post, and I'll add an answer. I'm against this because I believe the bad far outweighs the good in this case, from long debates to users getting attacked etc. If you want to drop a comment yourself, please do. Another problem, what if another downvoter already posted a comment? Does every other downvoted need to post a ...


My first thought is that a detailed instruction like that would be out of place in the tour. I feel its role is to give a brief explanation of the site's purpose and format, rather than to be a guide on how to use it. But let's imagine that we did put it into the tour. I don't think that making it a guide several panels long would work. It would have to be ...


The "Step 1: Draft your question" box on the right sidebar has been updated and now looks like this:


Workaround for the info on fenced code blocks being hidden behind the jump: Go to https://askubuntu.com/editing-help#code (linking directly to section in question). All section links in that page expand the relevant section if possible.


Nmath, your suggestion is nice. But I am not sure if the moderators can edit the content in https://askubuntu.com/editing-help and https://askubuntu.com/help/formatting. I have another suggestion. We can post an FAQ post about formatting in Ask Ubuntu Meta. Something similar to this: How do I format my code blocks?


Some people simply do a one time sign up with a throw-away email just so they can ask a specific question just so that they can get a specific answer and once they get their help just probably would never come back so I don't know how useful putting the OP on an asking restriction would be. Instead, OP needs to have a certain amount of reputation to ask a ...

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