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How I can help new users?

Honestly, advocate for Ubuntu in your social circles. As someone who has overcome the hurdles you have, you probably work with other medical practitioners in the UK in a similar position. I know there ...
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How I can help new users?

This answer focuses on how to help new users using this site (Ask Ubuntu) specifically. Read the Ask Ubuntu Help Pages To help new users of Ubuntu using this site, first you should learn how to use ...
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How I can help new users?

A few ideas: Document it: Publish what you did...even if your documentation is merely a blog post with a step-by-step checklist. Google will find it. Keep the document up-to-date: Set your calendar to ...
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How to get an e-mail notification when I get a new answer or comment at my question?

You don't have to do anything. By default you will get notified once per day about new answers to your questions in the email you have used to set up your Ask Ubuntu account. You can also change when ...
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Why is it still possible to log in to Ask Ubuntu with my old email address after I added a new one?

The email preference that you edited is not the login information that is being used to log in, but the main contact email that Stack Exchange would use to contact you (newsletters, notification ...
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Lost access to e-mail account used to register in askubuntu

It seems you cannot just change your log in, I guess one must be active at all times, I don't really know why. You can however add more here, by clicking the add more logins button, then from the ...
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Why is it still possible to log in to Ask Ubuntu with my old email address after I added a new one?

I think you're confusing two things together: (1) Email Settings (2) Your Logins Email Settings lets you set the preferred contact address. If you add additional email addresses to your logins and ...
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Cannot change email in Profile

It seems that there was a bug in the system. I needed to change my email in the secondary account to something new (instead of blank), then everything worked like it should. INFINITE THANKS TO @Seth....
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How I can help new users?

Why not look to create a new stack exchange site specifically for your target audience? The Community Building Beta shows how this can be achieved. Might require some effort on your part but I'm sure ...
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How do tag subscriptions work?

Turns out this is a bug/problem with Vivaldi browser which I'm using. Cross-site authentication through my launchpad OpenID handle does not work with it. With Firefox it works.
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