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Seeking support/feedback about closure flags not resulting in a page closure

I am not debating the validity of your individual flags. The validity of each flag can be debated for a lot of flags. I think this question is based on a lack of information and feedback due to your ...
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2021: a year in moderation - Handled Question Flags

A flag to close a post is considered to be handled if it is marked helpful. This happens if the post receives at least one close vote, regardless of the outcome of the close review. For example, you ...
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Methods for combating EOL questions

Your points here ignore the simple fact that not all questions about EOL releases are automatically off-topic so any system that attempts to look at tags needs to be intelligent enough to work out ...
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Creating a good question: Feedback along with Close votes?

The reasons for close voting gives you at least some information on why. I can understand you'd like to have more information, however: Reviewing is quite a burden to the site. We already have a ...
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What effect does voting to Leave Open have?

Leave open starts a 3 strikes system. 3 leave open votes will remove the question from the queue. If you notice lots of close votes on a question you do not think should be closed, it is a very good ...
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Should questions be closed as duplicates based on warnings when the actual issue and error messages are unrelated to the linked question?

Since it's possible to close a question as a duplicate of multiple other questions and thus provide a solution to each one of the multiple problems apparent in it*, closing a question about a complex ...
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Why is the Close Vote queue so long?

It is so long because not enough users go there every day and cast enough close (or "leave open") votes to overcome the questions newly added to the queue. Although it is stagnated now, there was some ...

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