SO doesn't care about ad-blockers. We entered into an agreement with Stack Overflow users long ago that we wouldn’t subject them to low-quality ads. [...] But really: anything that doesn’t speak specifically to the Stack Overflow audience is not permitted. We also don’t accept rich media like animated ads, expandable ads, or video, which are the ...


Thanks for letting us know! I've reached out to the advertiser to let them know about the error and I'll update here when it's resolved or I have more info. (FYI, I work on the SO Ad Ops team with stevvve). Update: The advertiser has removed the troublesome Bizible tag completely, so we shouldn't be seeing this error anymore.


Ack! Well that was a rate of serving higher than I expected and intended. Sorry for terrifying you by displaying David's angry face at you so much. Fixed! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please let me know if you still see a crazy high serving rate in the future.


The community-ads system does not know what the content of the ad is. The ads are (mostly) manually created images by users of the Stack Exchange network, which are then voted on by other users. See Community Promotion Ads - 2016 for this year's ad selection process (vote accordingly if you don't want this ad to be shown). The only connection between ...


I just double checked the reporting tools used for the Community Ads, and can confirm the ads submitted in the initiative on this site are being displayed around 200~300 times a day each. You may not see these ads all that frequently because they are being run in rotation with hundreds of other ad campaigns, and which ad you see is dependent on a large ...


The client in question made it very clear they take issues like this very seriously. Our contact attempted to reproduce this issue in multiple environments and checked reporting to confirm delivery looked normal as well. In addition, they also checked impressions/loads of this creative in their DSP and failed to find any issues. This appears to be user-...


I'm sure this isn't serious. :) The content policy mentions affiliate marketing: Spam. Users that do not publish meaningful content, use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or whose primary purpose is affiliate marketing, will be suspended. Wether this rule applies depends on the specific case. The user profile you linked certainly doesn't ...


I see a mix of various ads - hot questions, Area 51 proposals, community ads, etc. within about 10 reloads. (I forgot to count, but it just took me a few seconds to go through this.)

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