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Should I disable my AdBlocker on Ask Ubuntu?

SO doesn't care about ad-blockers. We entered into an agreement with Stack Overflow users long ago that we wouldn’t subject them to low-quality ads. [...] But really: anything that doesn’t ...
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Should comments offering offline support be flagged?

I don't think that should happen. If that person knows an answer to the question, then they should post an answer. They can ask for clarification in comments. Chat also exists for extended discussion. ...
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9 votes

New user promoting a single service - (subtle) spam?

I also think it's spam. None of the answers actually try to answer the question except to say "use this product/service". If the user would actually go into detail about how the product/...
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8 votes

New user promoting a single service - (subtle) spam?

All three of this user's posts have been deleted as spam; this being said, they shouldn't be able to post answers anymore (the anti-abuse system is doing its job)
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7 votes

New user promoting a single service - (subtle) spam?

ThinLinc is 19 years old though. We used it at university [a long while back]. Yes, it's paid, but it had management features which made it more useful than the bare VNC servers of the day Not ...
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5 votes

Community Ads not being displayed

I just double checked the reporting tools used for the Community Ads, and can confirm the ads submitted in the initiative on this site are being displayed around 200~300 times a day each. You may not ...
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Microsoft ad blocks all links other than on the ad

The client in question made it very clear they take issues like this very seriously. Our contact attempted to reproduce this issue in multiple environments and checked reporting to confirm delivery ...
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