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You can find many places for discussion linux and other subject. This part of Stack exchange is very specific in nature. It's out intentions to be friendly and advise new users to use the site as it's designed. You described "correcting grammar" as some of what our users do.

It's for questions and answers where people can benefit, not just the OP, but everyone. If the question can be understood, but might not be formatted in a clear way, the users will edit the questions and edit the answers for clarity for the benefit of what this site is about.

If the question isn't on topic someone will advise the where to place the question/topic.

If you think someone is being rude, you can flag the post and ask a moderator to review it.

Please read site http://askubuntu.com/tour so that you can see what this site is about. If it changed on a whim there are many dedicated users that would be affected trying to find what we already have here. If you have a design of a different type of side for Stack Exchange, and there is enough people interested in the same, that is something that could actually be provided.

This question will most likely be closed because it doesn't meet the criteria of a clear issue with steps to reproduce where a definitive resolution can be provide.

By the way, open discussion and suggestions are permitted in http://chat.stackexchange.com/?tab=site&host=askubuntu.com (the chat link at the bottom of the screen) and http://meta.askubuntu.com (Links under "HOT META POSTS" in top of the right panel to the right of where your question appears).

L. D. James
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