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Why are all the questions/answers on this site so old and out of date?

I have Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and often have issues with it, but can never find a relevant answer here. 10 year old answers just don't work for newer versions of Ubuntu.
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1 answer

Month and Quarter reputation tab borked?

When I went to look at the Quarter reputation tab I noticed I'm number 1 in the stats and the same goes for the month but as I know I'm vastly inferior to Rinzwind 0:-) I'm suspecting something is ...
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8 answers

Can we delete/migrate 425730 question that is about Mint?

Ok, is a good information, but it is off topic. The problem is that with the amount of votes that both Question and Answer have, we would need 4-5 10kers to delete it, but sadly we don't have that ...
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Marking outdated posts/info etc. to be archived

Old posts with outdated info, which are irrelevant to the currently supported versions, should be excluded by the search engine bots. Perhaps, they should be marked and archived (i.e.: Internet ...
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2 answers

How far an explanation should go / does it legitimate double posts / answers?

Often questions are very easy to answer if the asker would search a few minutes in the internet and has the right search terms handy. The latter one is the key, the askers often didn't know what to ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

Is there something wrong with Ask Ubuntu?

I don't understand, why Ask Ubuntu is like this. out of every 10 to 20 questions only 1 is answered. And the Ubuntu website is advertising it as it's main Q&A web site! Don't you think something ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

Lets get rid of the localhost tag

The localhost has been on the burner for some time now. Users that know the term, will know that it is the name of the system itself, a network loopback. In the last 30 days, nobody answered any of ...
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3 answers

Rejected all of my edits, left the question un-modified and attached a bounty?

I've been working with this question for a while. Ultimately, it's best for the community if the question is deleted. I've submitted fixes to the question, and all of the answers (including flags to ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Chewed out for saying thank you to an Ubunu answer?

In my original post, "Associate PlayOnLinux to Microsoft Office on Ubuntu 14.04," I presented an Ubuntu problem that I was having. I received a reply from Mitch which included an attempt at a solution....
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1 answer

ancient down-voting and modern Linux-society ;o)

To clarify my question - this following ( please take my opinion more with humour not with deadly seriousity ) : Being "down-voted" is somehow ancient and leads into direction like being "pilloried". ...
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2 answers

Hi, how can i remove this account?

This particular site of stack exchange is not amusing me, has no function and has over zealous moderators who deleted every single one of my posts, two of which because i mentioned that unity is a bug ...
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-10 votes
4 answers

Why aren't most questions answered with references to documentation or mention to RTFM?

Why not point users in the right direction to learn how to solve problems by themselves in the future? Is it because of rep system?
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-12 votes
1 answer

Did Stefano Palazzo♦ use the moderator vacation tool to inform regarding Stefano Palazzo's inactivity?

Did Stefano Palazzo♦ use the moderator vacation tool to inform regarding Stefano Palazzo's inactivity? According to the profile, last seen is August 29 (which is approximately a month ago). Did any ...
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-15 votes
1 answer

Moderators vs. users

Who decides and manages the moderators on this site? My experience is that they are rather conceited and condescending to users, preferring lengthy verbal arguments than attempting to provide a few ...
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