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Where is the border between Ubuntu and Windows while the questions are WSL related? [duplicate]

Recently I've provided answers on few questions related to WSL, but, IMO, they are more Windows related rather than Ubuntu. For example: How can I 'open in terminal' when using Ubuntu ...
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Where is the line of topicality where WSL is involved?

Q0: Where is the line of topicality where WSL is involved? Q1: Now that Ubuntu can be run on Windows using WSL, I see many questions about windows-subsystem-for-linux Are these questions a better fit ...
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Questions for Ubuntu Bash in Windows [duplicate]

This forum is focus in use of Ubuntu. After the..... revolutionary..... move of Windows we can use Ubuntu bash in Windows. In this forum can we ask questions for Ubuntu bash on Windows?
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Should virtualbox count as Ubuntu?

Over my time on this site, I have seen around ten or twelve questions around this main circle. People are running Windows with Ubuntu on virtualbox, and are having issues. They then assume that ...
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Support Ubuntu, quit Windows [closed]

When I went to purchase a Laptop, I found that most comes with an installed Windows. I think this is a kind of business trick that Windows is using to keep its popularity. People are forced to pay for ...
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Should these two questions about running/installing .exe files be merged?

The two questions I am talking about are: Why does Ubuntu fail to run .exe files? / How do I run .exe? How can I install Windows software or games? They are different but they both try to achieve ...
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Which Stackexchange site should I use to ask questions about the Windows OS? [closed]

I have some questions regarding Windows 7 and I would like to find a website that's an appropriate place for me to ask them and since I have had a good experience with stackexchange I thought I would ...
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Could Ask Ubuntu run on Ubuntu + Mono?

Note from Oli: I have split this question in two. It originally asked both the technical ability to migrate and whether or not Ask Ubuntu would move to an Ubuntu platform in the future. I've left the ...
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top bar style for ask ubuntu

The Top bar for Ask Ubuntu (and Meta) doesn't seem to have enough space from the top of the window area. When a notification (badge, welcome/faq) etc appears, it is very close to the text. This seems ...
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How would Ubuntu Bug #1 be fixed if Ask Ubuntu uses a Windows Platform?

Unless this is a Mono port of stackoverflow and it is running on Ubuntu server. Please clarify (Ubuntu's bug #1 is that Microsoft is more popular than Ubuntu - see at
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