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What's wrong, Ask Ubuntu?: Low Voter Count

Let me preface this with a run-down of the reputation system: Users on the site can cast up- and downvotes and accept answers on their questions, each giving or taking reputation to or from other ...
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2 answers

Why don't people who down-voted on a question revisit that question if it has been edited to make it better for up-votes?

Let's say that you have a question that got down-voted. And then it gets edited to try get upvotes. And those that down-voted don't up-vote because they don't see the question has been edited. Why ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How many comment votes do we each get in a day?

Today I ran out of comment votes, I did not even know this could happen. This is not attached to my Q&A votes, I still have 10 of them left. So I can make sure I don't waste my votes, it was ...
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Can people please leave comments when they downvote questions and answers [duplicate]

This is more of a request than a question, but if people down vote questions or answers could you please leave a comment in the appropriate place. The point of the voting system is so good q/a can be ...
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How do we change the policy of Ask Ubuntu if votes are low in Ask Ubuntu Meta?

Since important policy decisions regarding Ask Ubuntu's scope are taken using voting in Ask Ubuntu Meta, it's important that as many people as possible participate in the discussion related to ...
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1 answer

Your vote is locked in unless answer is edited

If I click on voting up/down button (click again to undo) after voted up/down any answer then It gives error : your votes is now locked in unless answer is edited. So, I want to know in how-much time ...
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why is my Firefox question voted down?

What's wrong with my Firefox question? While I suppose it can happen on Windows, I've only had this problem on Linux, specifically Ubuntu. Is the question somehow stated poorly?
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