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Is Jorge Castro a Robot? [closed]

Before reading see the following links I noticed today https://...
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Dealing with a user who just won't follow the rules

I would like to open by stating this user is not abusive or rude and I am not looking to get him banned or anything like that, I write this because he could be a good contributor. The user has ...
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We should be able to vote to change the close reason

I have seen many times when a question for instance is closed as off-topic, though in fact it should be closed as unclear, and is not off-topic though some may think so, but the change reason stays ...
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Is there a policy regarding usernames with only non-English alphabets?

After reading Is there a policy on the use of emojis or emoticons? Here comes another question. Sometimes I face users who don't have even a single character of English in their usernames. For ...
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Is there a way to directly contact a user? [duplicate]

If I want to directly contact a user, instead of just commenting on a post of his, is there a way a can do that? This could be useful, for instance, in providing guidance to a new user.
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Why are there so many new users with 101 reputation?

Nearly half of the 35 newest users in Ubuntu StackExchange have exactly 101 reputation and no history of participation on the site. What's the explanation?
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Why do users who are no longer very active still get so much reputation?

When I click the Users button in the left navigation bar, I am taken to a page that lists users by reputation increase. What seems surprising is that, many of the users listed don't seem to have ...
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Users strange behaviour

I noticed something about this user, almost all questions they ask are answered for them in comments or by other users and they take this information and create there own answers with it and accept it,...
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2 answers

Can there be two users with the same nickname?

The title says it all. See for example the OPs here: Gnome 3 Shell - Launcher displayed in center of the screen How can I lock AND blank the screen from the keyboard in 14.04? Are they the same? ...
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What does the number under a user's name mean?

I was browsing through the users section of askubuntu when I noticed something strange: The number beneath the user's name was not equal to their reputation, although the list was set to be sorted by ...'s user avatar
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What can users do about clear spam attempts?

This user is clearly spaming the site. He has his company link twice in his profile (hint 1). Then he asked this when it's offtopic and he identifies himself as a vpn company. Another link to ...
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Can I tag people in the comments of an unanswered question?

I have noticed that some users have a lot of expertise in certain fields. For example, C.S.Cameron has answered a lot of questions on interesting unconventional installation methods, N0rbert has ...
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How can I pass a question on to another user?

I created a question on behalf of a non-AU user. Now they've signed up for AU. Can I make them the owner of the question, and if so, how? If not, what's the closest alternative?
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How do we get more Ask Ubuntu users to use meta?

The users page in Ask Ubuntu main page goes up to page 3988 and with about 36 users per page, that goes to about 143K users. In meta, the users page only goes up to page 442 coming to about 16K ...
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Gender breakdown of the site

I hadn't realized this until just today, but I had assumed that all the other Ask Ubuntu users were male, but then I saw a username that appeared to contain a female first name and realized that women ...
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Mention multiple users

I know that in comment the number of mentions (@user) is limited to one (in addition to the OP). But in some cases, as in How do I prevent one user in particular from accessing my home directory?, I ...
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when addressing to user in comments - @user as it is or without spaces?? example @Abcd E F or @AbcdEF?

I am confused while addressing the user in comments.. if the user name for example "Abcd E F" How do I address it, @Abcd E F or @AbcdEF ??
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Can I Know User Is Logged in or Not?

I want to know if a user is online at a given time or not. So that commenting on a question or answer would be effective. Because the user profile only shows that the user was last seen : (Ex:30 ...
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How about adding a "Check List" for Every New AU User who asks a Question?

One of the common thing in new AU Users is that they tend to post a question without doing a bit of research, How about adding a Checklist for new users with Reputation less than 'xy' like.... {X} ...
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What is an Ask Ubuntu Meta User?

I'm new to Ask Ubuntu, and I found an "Ask Ubuntu meta" link on my User page. I don't know what it is, so can anyone help me? Thanks
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2 answers

Wrong users on question list

The wrong user is displayed as the asker on the question list, the right one being shown on the question itself. This just happened moments ago...
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How to address a question to a particular user?

Suppose I ask a question..I know that some user might be knowing its answer.. For eg,its a question related to a script.and i know that user xyz is good in scripts.I want him to notice my question.....
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2 answers

How can I reply to a user?

I want to ask a question to a user on Ask Ubuntu, but I don't understand how to do it. There is no email, no nothing. Can you tell me how to do it?
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2 answers

What is the intent of the AskUbuntu reputation threshold to enable commenting? [duplicate]

Here I am, completely new to linux and I don't have any new questions to ask. But I would like clarification on existing questions. So within this system, clearly I have no means to provide any ...
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How does SE generate profile pictures for new users?

When a new user joins the site a profile picture is automatically generated for them, how is this image generated? And does SE do it, or a third-party application?
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When asking for advice, How can I make my questions more clear?

I have asked a few questions already, and I get at least 1 comment saying that I was unclear, or didn't provide enough information. I'm very new to ubuntu, and I'm hoping to learn and get better, and ...
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How to check how many users are registered with AU til date?

I would like to check that how many users are registered with AU so far. A graph which shows from start date to til date will be fine. We are going to conduct a Ubuntu workshop for 2 days. I would ...
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To work with older account

I have a account already on Ubuntu 12.04.Now I shifted to Ubuntu 15.10.That's why I had to create this account.Can't I work with my older account.I know I should ask it on meta but with this new ...
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Questions that have been asnwered, but the OP no longer has an account so can't accept an answer

It's really bugging me, and I think that something needs to be done about it, I keep on finding questions like this one which have very good answers, and some of the answers have a lot of upvotes, and ...
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Privileges Issue

The reputation and privileges system is very heavy on the beginner's end of the spectrum -- not being able to post pictures, leave comments, create tags, or even USE the meta forum makes it very ...
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What can I do to improve the reputation of someone (a colleague) that answered my question?

What can I do to improve the reputation of a colleague, of someone, that answered my question in such a way that the answer is very helpful? Very probably the only way is to read carefully the ...
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3 answers

Why there are so few answers on askubuntu site? [duplicate]

Why are so few answers on askubuntu? I don't get it, it's quite big when compared with another SE sites, but still very few answers. Very many unanswered questions in my opinion, when compared with ...
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You could be antagonizing newcomers [closed]

I've seen answers antagonizing newcomers and people that got out of the mainstream questions that could potentially yield significant learning/lessons. What's the point of using a FOSS system if you'...
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What about gaining money on askubuntu

If we put ads on the askubuntu, then some helpers, users that answering the questions as a volunteer; they earn some money. This will make askubuntu hum i think. What do you think?
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Homepage spammed

I'm getting sick of writing these posts. But, yep our homepage was spammed by a bunch of spammers. As usual my question is this: How can we prevent this? Note that these things have been happening ...
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