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Could the colour of questions be changed to reflect that they have no upvoted answers?

At the moment when you look at the main page of questions there are 3 different categories of questions differentiated by colour: Questions with no answers: Questions with answers but none ...
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Ask Ubuntu meta page title says just "Ubuntu Meta" and another title issue

If one looks at the title of any page on AU Meta, then will see that the title is: [Page title] - Ubuntu Meta - Stack Exchange when IMO it should say "Ask Ubuntu Meta". Even worse, on the ask page,...
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Should the overlay or tooltip text for voting arrows be changed?

Right now, the text that pops up when you hover the pointer over the voting arrows is identical to the main site, like this: Problem is, the text that pops up when you hover over the vote ...
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Navigation menu lacks a "Partners" link

The navigation menu at the top of has items Ubuntu Community Ask! Developer Design Discourse Hardware Insights Juju Partners Shop More › However, since the "Partners" item is ...
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Ask Ubuntu newest questions bug?

I don't know if I'm the only one who faced this, but sometimes, when I am in Ask Ubuntu newest questions page and someone posts a question, it shows the message: (N) questions with new activity, but ...
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Comments in mobile version of Ask Ubuntu

I am using my mobile to connect to Ask Ubuntu. But the problem is I can't remove/edit comments from mobile version of Ask Ubuntu. Is it problem of my mobile or a known issue in Ask Ubuntu? Browser: ...
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AskUbuntu background flicker

When scrolling a page on askubuntu, the background dots flicker visually. It is a minor thing but the fix is so simple, just to set: background-attachment: fixed When i do it manually in the browser ...
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Box disappears when mouse hovers over it

When I hover the mouse over "post your question", that box disappears. I am using Seamonkey 2.53.6 with Ubuntu Mate 18.04. It does not occur when using newest Firefox. Is that normal ...
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