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11 votes
2 answers

Is it appropriate to contact users offsite to question their site actions on Ask Ubuntu?

I recently had a user contact me outside of SE/AU questioning one of my moderation decisions in the queue. To be clear, it wasn't hostile, but it seemed a bit odd/off-putting(?). Over the years, I'...
4 votes
1 answer

when addressing to user in comments - @user as it is or without spaces?? example @Abcd E F or @AbcdEF?

I am confused while addressing the user in comments.. if the user name for example "Abcd E F" How do I address it, @Abcd E F or @AbcdEF ??
0 votes
1 answer

How do I reply to a user who tagged me in a comment?

I've seen that there's no such feature as a pm system as stated on the answer to this question and I perfectly understand why; The problem is that a new user has no way of replying to inbox since: ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to address a question to a particular user?

Suppose I ask a question..I know that some user might be knowing its answer.. For eg,its a question related to a script.and i know that user xyz is good in scripts.I want him to notice my question.....
3 votes
1 answer

user feed, a relic of a discontinued service

I found a user I believe to be a terrific resource. Naturally, I wanted to follow him on his answers, questions and contributions. After thumbing around his profile, I discovered the hard way that ...
2 votes
1 answer

Feature request for "private messages" privilege for user communication

I don't know why askubuntu doesn't have a way for users to communicate with each other like as we have in Ubuntu Forums (via private messages). If the reason is preventing malicious activities like ...