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Changes to user account deletion

As a lot of people post here about removing profiles, I thought this post from today, outlining a few changes to the system, was worth a repost here, just so everyone knows about it. Relevant ...
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Feature request: Two step verification

Securing our digital accounts is a very important thing to do to be safe in the Internet. Having a strong password is just the start in my opinion. Two-step verification is a very important tool to ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Request for new users to prove they're human

There have been plenty of "users" asking "questions" which turn out to be spam and advertising. Some examples include things like "Have The Body You Deserve?" and "Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast". ...
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Unregistered spammers should be deleted outright

A lot of spam is posted by unregistered users. They only have accounts on one site, and their only contribution is a spam or troll post. In my opinion, such users are not worth keeping. How about if ...
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I can't login, although I'm registered on

I've got a Launchpad and a goggle+ - account, but I can't login to askubuntu, although I'm registered (my username is lowereastside) cause always comes the question for „openID“. Am I too stupid to ...
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