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What to do with abandoned questions?

It's inevitable that people will come to this site, ask a low quality question, and not return to follow up on comments requesting additional information. What should be done with these examples? ...
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Unanswered questions - what to do?

Ask Ubuntu currently has the lowest Percent Answered of any Stack Exchange site. What do you think about this, and what should be done about it? Part of the problem is the attitude of questions asked, ...
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What to do with questions whose OP hasn't visited the site for a long time?

On viewing unanswered questions I came across this question. While there was nothing wrong with the question, it is very old and the OP hasn't visited the site for a long time. Hence, any answers/...
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Closing abandoned questions is harder than it should be.

I've been doing a bunch of digging around to help solve our accept rate problem. It's probably a multifaceted problem so I thought I'd tackle this one for now. According to meta, our policy is to vote ...
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How can we improve the site's answered rate?

According to this our answered rate (percentage of questions with an upvoted answer) is now 76%. We took a big hit with the number of new questions for 12.04/12.10 and the difficulty of being able to ...
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Should we consider unanswered questions a problem yet?

In the fashion of the discussion on meta.SO about unanswered questions on Stack Overflow Currently, out of 120,000 odd questions, only about 70% of them are considered answered. But it wasn't this ...
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Changes to how we close abandoned questions

This is a heads up for people who regularly flag things as abandoned: The mods are stepping back We're not actually going anywhere and we'll still be dealing with most of the flags that come in but we ...
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Time Frame of Abandoned/Old Questions

I have checked the following questions: What to do with abandoned questions? How should we define "Abandoned" as a close reason? Changes to how we close abandoned questions Closing ...
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Me-too post? Or partial answer?

Where do we draw the line between "I'm having the same problem, too" posts and partial answers? This answer and its comments are what have motivated me to ask this. But I'm hoping for a ...
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New battle plan for the questions that require god-like powers to figure out user problem: Close everything on sight!

TL;DR: Please, decide a policy, adhere to it and enforce it. The main problem here is the lack of cohesion about how to deal with the questions. For that I rant about the following: Yeah, guys, we ...
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Another bit on abandoned questions, but specifically good ones with good answers

Question on a rarer type of abandoned question: Is there a way for 'Community' to take ownership of these questions so an answer can be accepted and the data can be maintained? Is it simpler to ...
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Why I cannot answer some questions in (no answer-field)? [duplicate]

I just joined Ask Ubuntu and wanted to answer one question at but there is no answer field to enter my answer. Why? I have 1 reputation and I tried to contribute to ...
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Could unanswered questions regarding EOL releases be removed via script?

In my quest to clean up the 4000+ unanswered questions with the blacklisted installation tag, I'm constantly running across unanswered questions regarding EOL releases like these: https://askubuntu....
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Why is there a staggering amount of unanswered microphone-related questions using ubuntu 20.04?

Since Ubuntu's 20.04 official release, I've seen more and more questions related to microphone not being detected, white noise, headsets with only speakers working and etc, especially in the first few ...
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Do we need a canonical partition recovery question? How shall we make it?

We have many questions about how to recover a whole partition. Typically it's an NTFS partition, destroyed by telling Ubiquity to install Ubuntu using the entire disk instead of alongside other ...
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9 votes
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How about page numbers on the top of pages as well?

I was looking through the unanswered questions in Ask Ubuntu and after reading through some I was at the top of the page. In order to go to the page before or after it, I had to scroll down to the ...
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Why are so many answers posted as comments? [duplicate]

Every morning I click on the unanswered link and every morning I see many of questions answered in the comments section. When this happens, person who asked the question cannot mark it as answered, it ...
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Am I just asking wrong?

I've asked 5 questions since may and got no answers at all. I've been as specific as possible included as many details as possible and generally tried to make my question answerable. So I can only ...
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Does favoriting questions help to get an answer?

I've read What if I don’t get a good answer? and in meta What is the purpose of favoriting questions?. Does favoriting (clicking the star) highlight my question to others? Is there a way to do that?
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What to do if your question on AskUbuntu does not get answered?

I really need the answer, can I post my question again?
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How to make questions noticeable without bounty?

I have asked 2 questions in askubuntu. I beleive both are genuine enough and are binding to the 'rules' of askubuntu. But the questions are barely getting noticed. I even got the tumbleweed badge for ...
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How to find out newest set of (25 or 50) questions with no answers

As on date there is 420+ questions with no-answers and I am unable to find a way to see answers with no questions for the past one month or newest set of 25 or 50 questions with no answers. Is ...
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