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Questions tagged [tag-block-request]

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Give [recovery] the [installation] treatment

Let's talk for a minute about the recovery tag, again. There are many different kinds of recovery, including (but not limited to): data-recovery, for recovering lost data, password-recovery, for ...
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Should we blacklist the freeze tag?

The wiki of freeze says: Do not use. This tag is in process of removal. If your software is freezing then you likely need to file a bug, as freeze problems are usually off topic here and will ...
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Blacklist the "connection" tag

What kind of connection? Internet connection? USB connection? Asdfghjkl connection? It should be blacklisted, I think.
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Oh God! Troubleshooting tag!

Yeah, there's a troubleshooting tag... OMG... I don't have anything else to say :(
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Should the wiki of the EOL tag be edited to notify users that their questions will be closed?

Should we add a notice to the tags wiki of those who have reached eol in bold, saying that if you're asking about this distro your question is likely to be closed because we don't answer such ...
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