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You need help with the use of one or more of the site's features.

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Is there a page which teaches a user how to edit his question?

I need a cool-down after this question. I wish there was a page which teaches a new user how to add information to his question. I couldn't find anything in the about or help page. This would allow ...
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Deletion request: Question 287309

I figured out the problem with my question, and it was something really obvious - not important enough to keep the question around for. Unfortunately, the JavaScript that lets me delete a question is ...
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I can't login, although I'm registered on

I've got a Launchpad and a goggle+ - account, but I can't login to askubuntu, although I'm registered (my username is lowereastside) cause always comes the question for „openID“. Am I too stupid to ...
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Why was my post downvoted?

Why was my answer downvoted? Was there an error in what I posted? See here. Edit: I have edited my original post to answer his question. Lesson learned. Always read the question carefully to ...
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Can anyone protect my question (What does “TTY” stand for?)

Can anyone protect my question? Because there are samlier question to it like this one that is protected! That has less upvotes!
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