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Why my reputation go down suddenly? Serial upvoting reversed

Many times my reputation is decreased I found writing: Serial upvoting reversed What does it mean?! what the wrong i did. This issue repeated 3 times till now
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Consequences of getting "Declined Flags" [duplicate]

I guess the question 'how many 'decined flags' do a user get to make' is pointless, so, what are the consequences, if any, of getting too many? How does the system calculates declined flags (n ...
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Page shows 3 consecutive days on askubuntu. This is incorrect. Why?

I have looked at both 1) and 2) Consecutive days problem #97? But neither addresses my issue. My activity log ...
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Direct access to Askubuntu reputation statistics

I'd like to be informed (in real time) of changes in reputation, helpful flags, etc, for my user ID. I wrote a script that scrapes the reputation off my user page using curl and grep. That was the ...
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Remove EOL tags

According to some of tags are out of date such as 13.10, 13.04 and more. and according to @rinzwind's comment We only support official Ubuntu releases (that are not ...
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Is Ubuntu at war with VLC? [closed]

Once again I come with yet another question. I don't know if I am the only one facing this problem because I have looked through the tags for same problems, hoping someone must have it already but I ...
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Month and Quarter reputation tab borked?

When I went to look at the Quarter reputation tab I noticed I'm number 1 in the stats and the same goes for the month but as I know I'm vastly inferior to Rinzwind 0:-) I'm suspecting something is ...
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