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Used on questions concerning suggestions on edits or edits to be peer-reviewed.

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Don't say someone who rejected an edit approved it

On this page, it says "approved by Community, David Foerster 20 hours ago". When you follow the link, it takes you to the review page, but David Foerster actually rejected it: Please don't say it ...
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When suggesting edits, don't write something you are not doing like "improving formatting"

Apparently some users have abused the "improving formatting" comment for their suggested edits and use them for anything... ANYTHING, even if it's not improving formatting. I remember that when ...
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Low quality edits are being robo-reviewed on Ask Ubuntu

I had an edit proposed on one of my questions, and since it did not offer much in the way of improvement, I rejected it. It encouraged me to explore the editor's edit history, where I found a mix of ...
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Edit approved by no-one?

Consider this approved edit (edit by me): Why is reviewer field blank? Who really approved the edit? This only occurs on that particular review and ...
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Suggested edits count includes a user's own tag wiki edits

In review, I'm told there are 3 suggested edits for me to approve/reject/improve: (These images are from the old review system; the new system's interface is different but this still seems to occur.) ...
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The Suggested Edit quota is too low

Recently I have become able to start doing First Post reviews, but while I am doing so, I have to edit a lot of posts that are of low quality. However, when I started my 6th edit, I repeatedly click ...
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Can we make the tags more visible when reviewing suggested edits?

When reviewing suggested edits, the "tags" are at the bottom, and if the post is lengthy, one can sometimes miss taking a look at them to see if they were edited. Also, the suggester might forget to ...
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Meta AU says I have one suggested edit to review, but I have none, how come?

Meta AU (even after refreshing the page) says that I have 1 suggested edit to review: However there is no suggested edit to be seen if I click on the 1, and the 1 still does not go away, even after I ...
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Title of page does not reflect suggested edits

The title of the page (the text on the tab) should reflect the post with the proposed edits, not the original version. E.g., this question should display Snap store isn't installing as the title of ...
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Suggested edit limit for low rep users

Can limit of suggested edits on the same question be enforced, dropped, or atleast looked at? Here is a more-than perfect example - I allowed this through once, but then it appeared again... This ...
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