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Questions concerning the StackExchange platform

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Deny cross-posting, but enable site-sharing?

I know cross-posting (writing the same question on more than one SE site) is discouraged and should not be done. I also see the reason for this and agree, but sometimes it is indeed not clear where a ...
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Some data lost after Stack Exchange server migration Feb. 9

As some of you have noticed, the SE admins were migrating the services to the NY data centre again yesterday. Unfortunately, some data seems to have been lost in the minutes before the site became ...
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Oops! Button on StackExchage Unsubscribe page

As someone who has just made the mistake of clicking the unsubscribe link in an email can we please have an "Oops! I didn't mean it." button on the unsubscribe page - Thanks
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Ubuntu related Stack Overflow Careers ad

Why aren't there a "looking for a job" section in Askubuntu like other Stack Exchange sites ( stackoverflow , server fault .. ) I think it will be cool to show stack Overflow linux/ubuntu Careers ads....
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