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Why is the Search box close to invisible on Stack Exchange?

Why is the search box (and button) in the top bar on Stack Exchange not visible at all times? I have been using Stack Exchange for months and only just found it by clicking randomly around the top of ...
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Ubuntu related Stack Overflow Careers ad

Why aren't there a "looking for a job" section in Askubuntu like other Stack Exchange sites ( stackoverflow , server fault .. ) I think it will be cool to show stack Overflow linux/ubuntu Careers ads....
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Is the Ask Ubuntu community generally more friendly than Stack Overflow - If so, why?

This is not a rant! These are my initial thoughts in a discussion which I'm hoping other people will want to engage with. I want to hear your opinions on the following questions which I put to you. I ...
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What is "UNIKONG"?

I have just noticed that I am getting adverts for UNIKONG on all the SE sites, what is this about? I have a lot of ad and script blockers installed so this can't just be some ordinary advert... It ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there a license on all the code put on SE?

By putting code on SE (by posting it in a question or answer or another form of publicly posting it on the site) is the code given some sort of license automatically if one is not declared by the ...
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CAPTCHA bypass issue

For a while now I have been noticing this, and not just on the SE network, but all the sites that use the new re-CAPTCHA system, and I have tested this on many different OSs and also many different ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How does SE generate profile pictures for new users?

When a new user joins the site a profile picture is automatically generated for them, how is this image generated? And does SE do it, or a third-party application?
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1 vote
2 answers

Full documentation on formatting?

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9 votes
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Deny cross-posting, but enable site-sharing?

I know cross-posting (writing the same question on more than one SE site) is discouraged and should not be done. I also see the reason for this and agree, but sometimes it is indeed not clear where a ...
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Merging launchpad + stackexchange

I know it's been asked for a lot of times. But here it goes again: Please, merge my askubuntu/launchpad account with the stackexchange account. I began using launchpad back in 2010, but now I'd prefer ...
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1 answer

Inconsistency of Tag definitions across the various Stack Exchange sites

Has anyone noticed that there is a distinct lack of consistency in the definitions of the same Tag, across the various sites under the Stack Exchange umbrella? Cases in point: The definition of ...
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What day does a week start?

What is the beginning of a week in SO? I know days are Midnight to Midnight UTC, but what is a week? I only ask that so I know whether I could overtake Mikołaj Bartnicki on the rep weekly leagues.
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1 answer

Integrate my Launchpad/Open ID with stack exchange account?

I am currently using my AskUbuntu account created using Stack Exchange credentials. Recently started being active on Launchpad. But trying to log in using Launchpad/OpenID credentials makes me create ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Some problems with pro-forma comments

I installed Pro-forma comments yesterday and it worked fine, I really like it. But today something is wrong. I can not see auto link near help. Also, when I flag question as duplicate, there does not ...
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12 votes
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Which StackExchange website is the best for general non-programming Linux questions?

Which StackExchange website is the best for general non-programming Linux questions? I have some Linux questions that are not directly related to Ubuntu and not related to programming. Does ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Transfering a question from Ask Ubuntu to Super User [closed]

The following question is not getting any further feedback after revisions. Also, it appears to be a - non Ubuntu related - hardware issue. I didn't get any Ubuntu related search hits with the error ...
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0 answers

Some data lost after Stack Exchange server migration Feb. 9

As some of you have noticed, the SE admins were migrating the services to the NY data centre again yesterday. Unfortunately, some data seems to have been lost in the minutes before the site became ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Should a question ever be considered for migration in anticipation of closure and merging?

When a question is cross-posted here and another Stack Exchange site, and it gets good, valuable answers on both sites, is it appropriate to flag one of them for migration so it can then be duped and ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the etiquette for posting the same answer to multiple Stack Exchange sites?

I recently found that the same question - How to speed up video on Linux – had been asked on Ask Ubuntu and on Super User. I gave the same answer on both. In cases such as these, where the same ...
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Can I cross-post the same question in both Super User and Ask Ubuntu?

Is it bad Stack Exchange etiquette to ask a duplicate of an Ask Ubuntu question on Super User and vice versa? (Assuming of course that said question is relevant on both sites.)
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Can I (and How do I) use my askubuntu account on other Stack Exchange sites?

I signed into (and presumably registered with) askubuntu using my launchpad openid. I'd like to also ask some questions on other Stack Exchange sites but keep all the accounts connected. When I go ...
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What technologies are being used for StackExchange sites?

My interest is in both backend and frontend technologies. If possible some idea about hardware is also very interesting for me. Thanks.
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1 answer

108 Rep, but only earned 8

I'm not sure if this is simple for the SO/SE dev team, or if you moderators can do something about it. I've got plenty of rep on SO, but don't know too much about Linux. (Surely my 100 points should ...
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Can I always see my inbox first?

I would like to see my inbox first instead of the hot questions. Is there a way I can fix this? It's really annoying. Really!
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AskUbuntu and Meta AskUbuntu in other languages? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any plans for localized Ask Ubuntu instances? If not question, or proposed assertion. But what we do know is that I have very hard every time you ask a question, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Askubuntu mobile-optimised website is difficult to read

The current mobile-optimised website uses a black background and a gray foreground(text). This makes it difficult to read and draws attention away from the important part, i.e., the text ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is there a public API for StackExchange?

I was thinking it would be nice to have an appindicator for StackExchange that would change color for a few seconds when an answer or question is voted up or down, etc. It would display your ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Cross-Posting questions that are on-topic on multiple Stack Exchange sites

If I have a question that is on-topic on, say, both Linux & Unix and Ask Ubuntu, may I post it on both sites? And if so, do I need to do anything special?
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8 votes
3 answers

StackExchange software open source?

I like many things about the stack-exchange websites. Especially the editor I'm writing this post in and the tagging system. Is the software by any change available under an open license? I'd use it ...
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Oops! Button on StackExchage Unsubscribe page

As someone who has just made the mistake of clicking the unsubscribe link in an email can we please have an "Oops! I didn't mean it." button on the unsubscribe page - Thanks
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2 answers

Is there a forum/StackExchange site for discussing Free Software?

I know that this probably isn't a good place to ask this, but I can't really think of another. I have questions about Free Software theory and opinions on how to create SaaS sites which incorporate ...
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Is there a way for StackExchange to accept Launchpad IDs to login systemwide?

In the original, pre-shortened form of the question I was complaining that I can't login some other StackExchange site with my Launchpad ID, providing the screenshot: Rest was almost like this: I ...
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What is StackExchange? Is Ask Ubuntu officially related to Ubuntu or Canonical? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Ask Ubuntu “official” Ubuntu? What is stackexchange? is Ask Ubuntu officially related to Ubuntu/canonical? How do i subscribe for a question that I have not asked?
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2 answers

Where is the link back?

Where is the link back to from
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Duplicates on other sites

As Unix and Linux Stack Exchange has just reached beta I noticed this question: Nano syntax highlighting for C# and/or ASP.Net duplicated here:
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Where is the stackexchange/stackoverflow help, specifically about formatting and markdown?

I read the FAQ page and the About page, but no links to any help topics about the mechanics of using the site. When I post a comment, can I used formatting? Where is the format or markdown help? ...