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Questions tagged [spam-handling]

For question or suggestion to handling spam.

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Spammers are being nastier withing the second!

To the reviewers that check First Time posts, please, be very alert about this new kind of attack: Spammers are now posting seemly valid answers/questions ripping of other posts/answers inside/...
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Best way to notify the moderators?

So in the wake of the UFC-spam attack last night, I (like many of you) used-up all of my flags trying to fight the onslaught of crap being posted on our site. At one point, I noticed my flag amount ...
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Why does the site tease me about a comment I can't view?

A deleted answer marked as spam shows a "show 1 more comment" link, but clicking the link does not show the comment. Reloading the page does not make the problem go away. The deletion itself is ...
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SPAM attacks again!

Today we found a clever way spammer are trying to prevent falling into the spam protection system... that is recommending software relevant to the question so people in their curiosity search what is ...
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Unregistered spammers should be deleted outright

A lot of spam is posted by unregistered users. They only have accounts on one site, and their only contribution is a spam or troll post. In my opinion, such users are not worth keeping. How about if ...
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