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What's wrong, Ask Ubuntu?: The "Tech Support" Impression

Over the last year in particular, Ask Ubuntu has made a great deal of advancements regarding its standing in the wider Ubuntu community. The prominent integration in the new Canonical topbar, as well ...
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Why is Ask Ubuntu being linked to from Apport?

When I was using Apport I got the following messages: If you select I don't know what to do or Please point me to a good place to get support you get another pop-up window directing you to Ask Ubuntu:...
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Get Ask Ubuntu Wallpaper for Your Desktop Here!

What's up? We all love Ask Ubuntu and I began thinking that it would be a great idea if we could have some wallpapers that we can use. So please post your Ask Ubuntu-themed wallpapers below as an ...
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How can we motivate the community to vote more?

Lately I've noticed - we have a steadily growing population of users, but voting trends appear down. How can help educate users of their right - and inherent duty - to vote? How can we help promote ...
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Ubuntu Developer Summit Sponsorship Proposal

UDS-P will be held in Orlando, FL from October 31st – November 4th. While there is a Summit every six months I feel UDS-P is a vital event for Ask Ubuntu to have representation in since it will be for ...
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Promotion of Ask Ubuntu at Conferences

Stack Exchange recently blogged about their resolution to support attendees and speakers at conferences in the field of each Area51 Graduate. This includes us - so I would like to see what conferences ...