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1 answer

Who is able to edit

The last paragraph starts with a typo: Aside form reviewing suggested edits should read Aside from reviewing suggested edits The second word is spelled "f o rm " should be "f r om"
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The site FAQ should indicate where Ubuntu stops

The description of this site's topic in the FAQ is not very informative: Ask Ubuntu is a Q&A site designed to make it easy for users to get answers to Ubuntu-related questions. It's also a ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can we update the FAQ to reflect the apparent change in EoL policy?

This is a question about editing the FAQ. This is not a good place to discuss whether or not we should allow EoL questions. We already have a meta question (actually, three) for that. (See below.) It ...
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7 votes
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CoC and Leadership CoC links in FAQ go to the same page

In the second paragraph of the FAQ, two links (shown in bold) point to the same page: Please follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct, and this FAQ when participating ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Privileges page has broken alignment

This page has some messed up alignment in the right sidebar. Here's what it should look like, But when you click on the link it breaks. This doesn't seem to be an issue on other StackExchange sites ...
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Why don't we allow unofficial derivatives still using the Ubuntu archives?

Why don't we allow questions about unofficial remixes/derivatives/flavors of Ubuntu that are still using the official repositories (e.g. they have nothing in sources.list besides*, ...
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3 answers

How to force new users to a FAQ that includes how to make a question, comment and answer

There is an increased in the amount of new users that confuse to a forum, engaging even the answers as thought to be similar to the way we use a forum. For example, making comments, ...
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4 votes
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Usability improvements for the FAQ

I believe some parts of the answer for What kind of questions can I ask here should actually be under the What kind of questions should I not ask here? Specifically, the part about This is not the ...
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Link to etiquette is broken

If I go to and click on this FAQ, it doesn't take me to another section of the page.
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