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I get a post which I flagged before in review audit

I faced this already a couple of times. In Late Answers or First Posts appears some stupid post that is not an answer. I try to flag it, but it does not let me, because it seems that some time ago ...
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WAT! Failed review audit but the question is closed

This question is closed as too broad, rightly so despite the upvotes (if you only take into account the last question "Won't a recent Ubuntu version affect my software in any way ?" you will need more ...
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Don't include self answered or questions where the OP commented in the review audits

There is a mayor problem with one of our close reasons and the audits. We close stuff based in "no reproducible" basis, when OP can't figure out what was wrong nor how the issue was solved nor there's ...
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Noticed something about audits

I noticed something about review audits: When it's going to give me an audit, the page says, "Loading next item" for a long time (>4 seconds). Otherwise, the wait time is <1 second. UPDATE: This ...
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Should voting to close a correctly closed question for the right reason really be considered failure?

I encountered this review audit. To test me, the review item told me the question had received close votes as primarily opinion-based. This was obviously wrong, which I recognized quickly, but I saw a ...
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Very confusing audit (maybe a bug?)

I just came across this review audit which really confused me a lot. My first urge was to flag it and this confronted me with the following dialog (see screen-shot): I finally simply down-voted this ...
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Review audit bug

When reviewing in the close vote queue I almost always start by clicking on the close button and then canceling that window, to see how the votes are standing on the question. Because if I'm in the ...
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Bug in the audit system?

I believe I've discovered a bug in the audit system. I was reviewing this answer, which obviously needed some serious work: So I clicked on the edit link, and it showed me this: Which immediately ...
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Are you tested with Duplicates in the review queues?

In the review queues I have never once been tested with a question that has been flagged as duplicate. Does SE not test you on those? And if so, why not? Or have I just not had any?
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Have the review audits got cranked up again?

Not intended as a complaint, but it looks like there are "continuously" adjustments made to the review system - I noticed a higher frequency lately - Just now I got 2 audits for 8 reviews in "...
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