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Feature improvement for flags history

This question is asked on MSE at the following link for more visibility: Make it easier to distinguish accepted and declined flags in addition to pending ones in flags history In the flag summary ...
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0 answers

Underline on new reputation graph looks weird

This is what I see when hovering my reputation graph in the new profile page: Can the underline please be removed?
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5 votes
0 answers

Profile images from Facebook don't always show up

See, for example, this new user: On both their posts and their profile, I cannot see an image. If I try to view the image directly, I get this ...
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Sum of "last period" reputation is wrong when a post I downvoted is deleted

When our reputation changes, the title of reputation tab in our profile includes how many internet points we received or lost since we last viewed the reputation page. During that same period, I had ...
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Bug, utf8 char trimmed away from user profile webpage url

Discovered that utf8 chars are trimmed away from users StackExchange profiles usersupplied webpage url under bio. E.g. for my case, the æ from my last name is getting trimmed, rendering the google+ ...
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'Impact' field on new user profile

Since the user profile page has been redesigned, and very nice it is too, there is now an item of data named 'Impact'. On my own profile, this has a value of "~2k people reached". What does "Impact" ...
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