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Please add a new privilege that allows unlimited flagging to help combat spam!

A massive spam attack happened and I am only allowed to flag 9 of them. I didn't see any privileges that lifts this limit. If, at a certain point, this restriction is lifted, then delete this ...
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What does the golden dot after the username in close banners represent?

Users usually don't have any extra symbol after their names. Only moderators have the diamond symbol. But today I saw a golden dot after a name on a close banner of a question. What is this and who ...
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2 answers

Can you lose the right to ask a question?

I have a really random question. When somebody starts using Ask Ubuntu, they start with 1 reputation. According to the "privileges" page, you must have at least 1 reputation to create a post. If, for ...
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How should users with low permissions indicate that an answer doesn't work?

Recently, a new answer popped up for a "resolved" question: I can't get this to work! I've tried to do it manually and in terminal but nothing works. [...] (why cant i post comments!?) Like a ...
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Why am I unable to answer a protected question with 101 rep?

I have more than 10 rep, but I am unable to answer Nvidia driver activated but currently not in use, which is "protected": protected by Community♦ May 23 '11 at 1:32 This question is ...
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3 answers

Why is reputation required for "Trusted User" privilege greater than "Access to moderator tools"?

I was looking at the privileges and found that the reputation required for the trusted user privilege is more than that required for access to moderator tools. Why is it so? Does this mean that ...
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Why is 1000 rep needed to view vote count?

From : Voting scores, as displayed, are the sum of the up and down votes on a post. Vote counts are the individual up and down votes that make up ...
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2 answers

Privilege for editing tags is at 500 rep but I already have done it before!

When I go to privileges, I see that at 500 reputation I will get the privilege to edit tags to questions. But the strange thing is that I have already edited tags before. It also says that I will ...
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1 answer

How to chat with another user?

With 20 reputation you gains the chat privilege, as described here, but I couldn't find this option in a user profile. Where should I look for it?
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2 answers

Allow 2k+ users to suggest edits

Every now and then, a user is unsure about an edit they make. For the under 2k rep users, this is great. It goes to the review board and is dealt with. However, users above 2k aren't given this ...
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1 answer

Do flags of users with review privilege count as review?

I am currently at around 7.8k reputation points, which means I have access to all standard review queues, including the "Low Quality" queue. Now when I see a post that does not meet the site's ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Should the bar be higher to create tags...?

This was discussed before but no action was taken. I think this is still needed, since we have 2772 2844 tags (9*4*77 79) and pretty much of them are kind of vague, doesn't define a particular topic, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why is the upvote/downvote count hidden from everybody with <1000

I'm wondering why the upvote/downvote count is hidden from everybody with less than One Thousand Reputation. This seems fairly arbitrary, and is really useless in the end, as scrutiny of the person's ...
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3 votes
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What Super-powers does a Moderator have?

Just out of curiosity, what powers does a moderator have? Before I asked this question, I think of moderators as people who have super powers – who can change this site to whatever they want, like ...
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Privileges page missing site title.

On there are several instances of the site title missing: When your fellow users vote up your questions and answers on Ubuntu, you generate reputation. Should be "...
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3 votes
0 answers

Why am I not mentioned in the “marked as duplicate” label? [duplicate]

Yesterday I flagged number of loopback addresses as a duplicate of How to add a loopback interface?, and as far as I can tell from the automatic comment I was the first and only one to do so. Now that ...
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Certain users should get more close and delete votes

20k+ users (or something) should get more close and delete votes. It is limiting when we are out of votes and come across questions to close or answers/questions to delete. Flagging is cool, but ...
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1 answer

Feature request for "private messages" privilege for user communication

I don't know why askubuntu doesn't have a way for users to communicate with each other like as we have in Ubuntu Forums (via private messages). If the reason is preventing malicious activities like ...
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2 answers

Should new users be restricted from using comments within the questions they ask?

The faq for Ask Ubuntu ... as well as, I assume, all of the Stack Exchange sites (?) ... states in the "How Do I Ask Questions Here?" section If other users ask you for more information in the ...
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1 answer

Does loss of reputation revoke previleges also?

What if someone suddenly loss lot number of reputation, which was enough for him to get new privileges before. Does this will effect his privileges? Please explain both the cases.
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1 answer

Why do you need 15 reputation to upvote?

I'm still a newbie on the askubuntu site, and what I experienced is that you need a reputation of 15 to upvote. I don't understand this. Say you see a question that you would like to see answered or ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Don't have 2K reputations, so cannot correct a single typo which is bizzare

Before asking this question, I was to the question exact duplicate of this. I don't have 2K reputation, so every edit I do requires a minimum of 6 characters to be edited. However I came across this ...
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1 answer

Privilege viewer?

Is there a way to easily see what permissions you have, like you can see how much/many rep and badges you have?
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LOL..still at 98 rep and 100 rep prievileges are open to me?

Seems the system got tired of waiting in the 90's for me. I got notifications that I have been given two new prievileges (they need 100 rep), while I can see my rep never climbed above 98. P.S - This ...
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50 Reputation on comments is too much? Add new function to suggest?

I have low reputation as you see. And the problem i see with this is, that when i try to troubleshoot someone's question that requires some active or continuous communication, or a suggestion like "...
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Does anyone have the privileges to delete someone else's comments?

Is there anyone who has the privilege to delete someone else's comments ? I think someone has deleted my comments on one of my questions...
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1 answer

Page not foundin on meta , when i click in click on my reputation score

click on your reputation score, view reputation privileges i obtain this page page not found :
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How do we add information to an ask ubuntu webpage? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can increase my reputation on AskUbuntu? This question should go in the meta section, I believe, but I am not yet able to post there. I would like to find out how to go ...
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How to comment below the post [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I comment on an answer? I really searched all the area inside the post page to comment or ask the user about the post but failed. How it is possible as many doing the ...
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Problem of vote restriction

Just wanted, you know that, usually amateur users read answers, not Experts. Amateurs don't post answers so their credit never increase. So those who read and test answers cannot vote for successful ...
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Can we change the bounty rep requirement?

Currently, you need 75 reputation to start a bounty. However, some migrating users (meaning users that have an account with 100+ rep on another site) use this privilege a bit much. They will ...
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3 answers

"Weighted" reputation gains

I have noticed that you can gain a lot of reputation if you are the first person to answer a quite simple question which concerns a large audience of mostly beginners. However on the other side a ...
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Why posting meta requires only 5 reputation?

Why posting meta requires only 5 reputation? Why not something like 25 or more with the requirement of having some particular badges? A new user automatically gets 1 reputation. So, to get privilege ...
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3 answers

2k "Review" access lost when reputation has fallen below 2k because of bounties

I had access to 2k reviews (Low Quality Posts, Suggested Edits) for at least 4 months. Yet, I gave some bounties away which reduced my reputation below 2k, effectively barring me from such reviews. ...
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2 answers

Should there be more privileges for users who have more than 20,000 Reputation points

I was looking at and I know some users on here have more than 20,000 bounties and any more than 20,000 ...
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