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Launchpad SSO should transition to

Posting on behalf of our infrastructure folks, The launchpad team would like to consolidate their single sign on in favor of a SSO for all Ubuntu users,, which is what all the newer ...
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If you sign up to Ask Ubuntu via Launchpad, would a profile get created on the wider SE network?

Launchpad authentication is only available on AU. If you use that to create an AU profile, would doing so create a profile for you on the rest of the network?
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1 answer

Unable to log in to the Clean-Up site with a Google OpenID

Since the 27th May I've been unable to log in to with the Google OpenID that I was previously using, I keep getting a "500 Internal Server Error, Cherokee web server, Port 80" ...
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Launchpad account recognized on some stackexchanges sites, not all

Context My StackExchange account lists in "My Logins" several providers, including Launchpad. There is written: Log in or sign up on any Stack Exchange site using these accounts Expected When ...
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Cannot register

I have tried 2 different OpenID accounts to try to register and in each case I get an error and cannot register I have cut and pasted the links suggested by both my openID accounts into the URL box ...
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Can I add picture to my profile if I am using OpenID?

I logged in to using my Launchpad OpenID, but, afaik Gravatar uses email address to identify the account. How will be linked to this profile in this case?
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Integrate my Launchpad/Open ID with stack exchange account?

I am currently using my AskUbuntu account created using Stack Exchange credentials. Recently started being active on Launchpad. But trying to log in using Launchpad/OpenID credentials makes me create ...
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