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How should unattributed copying (plagiarism) be dealt with?

An answer on the main site copies content from one of the Ubuntu wikis without attribution (as required by the license). How should we handle unattributed copying?
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selecting answers on community wikis

Shouldn't when i select a community wiki as the option type. It should remove the select answer notification. Or alternately select the highest upped question as the answer dynamically? Thoughts?
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2 answers

Avoiding forum style usage and promoting SE style Q and A

There is a question on the parent site that has become like a forum (follow-up questions and responses posted as answers). The question is complicated because the person asking included several issues ...
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Moderator Pro Tempore [closed]

This community needs to start contributing some names they would like to act as provisional Moderators. Please read this: Moderators Pro Tempore. Here are some basic guidelines: Each nomination ...
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3 answers

How should we determine who will moderate?

As we near the middle of our private beta, we probably should decide on moderators for the site. (per the 7 essential meta questions) In order to do so, we should determine criteria for such a ...
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