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10 votes
3 answers

Should I accept my own answer even if it's inspired by another much detailed answer?

Three paragraphs written below consist a complex situation, please try and understand every sentence I had a question about thumbnail generation in new Ubuntu release, I asked and started a bounty on ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Can these VMWares be un-merged?

In 2012, a question was asked about the installation of VMWare player. Some months later, fossfreedom merged that question into How do I install VMware Player?. But in the latter one, the questioner ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Can questions closed but not as duplicates have their answers merged?

It is possible for a moderator to merge a question that's closed, but not as a duplicate? For example, this too localized question doesn't seem like a candidate for reopening, except that it seems to ...
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2 votes
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Merging difficulty

MY question is how difficult is it to merge questions? Over my time here I've requested merging on a number of questions. I recently ran across this question which I flagged as duplicate after ...
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