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How to use keyboard 'icon' in markdown?

Guys, I was looking in a question when I found a different way to markup keyboard (combination of keys) to express commands. I cant found a previously answer about Markdown (except this, but not ...
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3 answers

Unexpected formatting with code in list

I posted a answer and below some list items the code content turned to other format different from what I was expecting. I tried to indent either by code button or manually but didn't work. Is It a UI ...
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2 answers

Syntax highlighting in <pre> block?

So I've discovered that I can make code blocks with <pre> tag. Great ! Now I can write markup in vim and copy the resulting text into answer text box (instead of pasting answer and script ...
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How much markup is tolerated?

Recently we see edit suggestions that mainly format text with a lot of markup that to my opinion do not always increase but sometimes reduce the clarity of a post. People do have a different view on ...
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How to deal with masked shortened-urls?

Easter eggs in Ubuntu vs. Easter eggs in Ubuntu – Spot the difference! The second one has a shortened url; I find this downright rude. What are your views on the usage of masked shortened-urls? Is ...
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What is the preferred way to add a numbered list using markdown?

I noticed my answer to a question was revised and approved for no apparent reason other than markdown preference. Question What is the preferred formatting of an ordered list using markdown? I ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What HTML and/or Markdown code is allowed in comments?

What HTML and/or Markdown code is allowed in comments?
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how to add keys symbol & and software center package link in askUbuntu answer?

I know this very dumb question in Ask Ubuntu. I want to know how in this link the key symbols are attached in question and in this link (in answer section 2 question) how Ubuntu software center open ...
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How do I escape backticks in a comment?

I want to be able to post this as a comment: FYI, code formatting is done with backticks, e.g. `sudo vi /boot/grub/menu.lst`. But as you can see, it doesn't come out quite right...
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