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If a question is written in a non-English language with an English translation provided should the non-English part be removed?

In these questions: Al reiniciar tengo que volver a instalar dhcp3-client para conectarme / on every boot i've had to reinstall dhcp3-client to get internet and ¿Como puedo instalar Age of Mythology ...
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Is translating posts using Google Translate acceptable?

I've seen several questions in non-English, where a user (typically high-rep) puts it into Google Translate. Here's an example (Wayback Machine if it gets deleted). I do realize that post had other ...
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Does it make sense to flag non-English questions?

I think that the scope of a flag is to make moderators aware of content that request their intervention. And also I think that this site really only support English. Now, some of moderators can find ...
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Please ask people to translate, don't just close a question

TL;DR : there are people who can translate foreign posts , ask them ; don't just close vote all the things N.B.: The main goal is to edit questions and provide them with clarity. I am not asking to ...
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Answering questions in OP's language

I sometimes see questions in a foreign language, translated below. Is it acceptable to answer the question in both English and the OP's language(if I speak it) to make the process simpler for the OP? ...
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Tags related to languages

I have seen a user tag a question with swedish, and there may be other languages. Should such tags be avoided, instead using language, language-support or localization?
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Is it prefered to use English (US) spelling to English (UK)?

I sure it doesn't really matter, but I noticed the other day that that package name for the Ubuntu Software Centre is software-center which is the American spelling of center, so I thought it would ...
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What is the proper procedure when dealing with posts written in other languages? [duplicate]

Firstly, let me point out that there is some mention of the top on this post. But I am still confused on how to deal with some of these posts. It's assumed that the community will handle the situation ...
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Can I ask using my first/native language?

Can I use my native language (Malay) to ask or answer a question at Ask Ubuntu? Is there any volunteer to translate my answer/question? Bahasa Malaysia Adakah boleh saya menggunakan bahasa ...
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Why comment "This is an English only site"? [duplicate]

On occasion people post questions in a language other than English and within 5 minutes there are multiple comments informing them that this is an English only site. Any user on the site is allowed ...
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Is there a rule which states that all questions and answers have to be in English on this site? [duplicate]

I know that people often tell others that it is a rule here, but I am have never actually seen it written anywhere, so is it a rule that all questions and answers on this site have to be written in ...
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