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A call to uphold accessibility by not shortening links to "here"

As far as I see there has been some discussion about the shortening of links. While keeping the complete URL visible in the post can clearly be distracting (especially when used inline), I want to ...
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duplicate question review management

When you click on the close button on a question and select duplicate you can then search for a question and get a result list. If you select a question that is on hold/closed for being a duplicate ...
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Add launchpad quick link

For the comments we have lots of links, such as [se] and []. Here is a list of requested redirects, from me and the comments: [launchpad] goes to and shows as ...
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Provide way to link to headings from within both Questions and Answers and from comments

Use-case: Intra-Question and Intra-Answer Linking As a user posting either Questions or Answers, I would like to be able to add a link within that Question or Answer to another heading within that, or ...
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