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Flagged a question before I saw it in First Posts review queue. I cannot click "I'm Done"

The question which I'm referring to in the title is this: Error : If you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct these errors, the partition will be used as is I flagged this question 2 ...
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Add a "Migrate to xx SE site" option in the Off-Topic section for flagging questions

When I see a question that is off topic, I'll flag it. But, should we add an option like: o belongs to (dropdown list of SE sites) Questions about (bla bla bla) should be asked here instead ...
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Why the flag count doesn't show besides the review link?

I've seen for a couple of days this, but the "flag count" doesn't appear besides the review link unless flags > 30. Is this intended?
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Addition of a new category for invalidated flags

Before explaining about the feature request, please refer this link to understand the context: The flags count isn't detailed perfectly The aforementioned flag is not categorised in the flags. ...