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Why is close as duplicate flag present at two places? [duplicate]

Why is the option to flag a post as duplicate present twice, as shown in images? I think the second of them needs to be removed(or justified)
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How can I take back my request for moderator attention [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can one retract or undo a flag on a post? I had used the it needs ♦ moderator attention flagging option asking for moderator to close this question, as I has asked it in ...
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How strict should off-topic questions be flagged as such? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as off-topic. The question absolutely does not belong on Ask Ubuntu but on Stack Overflow or similar. But the flag got declined and that's bad for my reputation (?). It makes ...
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Flag declined - what should I do?

I flagged this post as not an answer: and my flag summary says a moderator declined this because they found no evidence to support it. Here's the details: both ...
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Flags shouldn't be "declined" as if they were always invalid if they were valid when they were cast

I see this a lot, an answer is posted which is a link-only one for instance, it is flagged up as such, but then someone edits the answer to include the information at the link (or similar) and then ...
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Moderators should be able to mark questions as answered

I know about similar requests, but after stumbling over this question (just an example; question poster answered himself using edits instead of an answer) I thought you should at least add an option ...
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Can we give rep to those who flag questions?

On another meta post, a user suggested that we give rep to those who upvote answers, my suggestion is giving rep to those who give helpful flags. That way we encourage the users to flag questions, ...
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Edit flag for users

I have seen several questions which are asked by users who does not know English very well, (sometimes just bad, including myself). I want to propose an Edit flag, which users can raise to aware ...
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First Amendment in Posts?

I always place the ending "Thank you and God Bless" at the end of any of my posts, questions or maybe just "God Bless" if its an answer / last comment. One of my legitimate questions has been flagged ...
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