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This tag is used for questions about editing on Ask Ubuntu.

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Edit flag for users

I have seen several questions which are asked by users who does not know English very well, (sometimes just bad, including myself). I want to propose an Edit flag, which users can raise to aware ...
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Can not find Edit help

I looked in the help center but could find no listing for help in editing. Can someone point me the way?
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What to do when posts are voted down for no reason?

It's really annoying, a user asked this question: I am wondering what the point of sh being symbolic linked to dash is? I understand that dash is supposed to be faster than bash, but I am uncertain ...
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2 answers

Why were my edit suggestions of fixing URL rejected?

I recently suggested a very small edit to a post fixing outdated URLs which were rejected 2 times with the same reason. The rejection notice states: Rejected 3 hours ago: Kevin Bowen reviewed ...
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Reviewing tool should be less flexible by enforcing the Skip option rigourously

When you are reviewing posts, you are faced with three options: Skip, I'm done (after some change), Nothing to review. Ideally, when you make a change like edit, flag, comment, or vote, the "I'm done"...
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Why do we used byte instead of octet as data size unit?

I would like to understand why we seem to prefer to use the byte unit instead of octet unit (because I used more commonly the octet unit at work, at home, ...). What are the reasons for describing ...
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Editor Privilege?

Speaking from experience, waiting for a suggested edit to be approved (before 2000 rep.) can be tiring and annoying. So what I want to know is if you guys think the following is a good idea. For those ...
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How do i restrict editing on my questions?

I just don't like people messing with my questions on askubuntu, and i don't get all the specifics I need.
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2 answers

Bad admin choices regarding a compound question

There is a compound question asked; a question that solicits a CLI method, and a GUI method. I keep seeing places refer to the "partner" repository as a place I can get software, how can I enable ...
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Should edits get some rep for upvotes?

I was wondering, why shouldn't edits get a small bit of rep for an upvote? (Like 1 rep for upvoted question 2 for upvoted answer) Because I answered pretty badly, but someone (fabby) edited it and it ...
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A critical note (alternative title: where is my speech freedom?)

The censorship sucks on this site. It feels very NAZI / NSB / Stasi like. Is that how you welcome a new guest? I do understand some moderation, but this is over-polished. What happened to freedom of ...
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