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This tag is used for questions about editing on Ask Ubuntu.

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4 answers

What Is Considered "Extra Noise?"

So what I see a lot of is people who will format a question as follows Hello i am having an issue with question/problem ... Insert question/issue here ... PLEASE HELP I CANT USE MY COMPUTER....
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2 answers

Why comment "This is an English only site"? [duplicate]

On occasion people post questions in a language other than English and within 5 minutes there are multiple comments informing them that this is an English only site. Any user on the site is allowed ...
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1 answer

Why is this edit rejected?

I'm new to answering and editing questions. My edit on how to install the ia32-libs in ubuntu 13.10 has been rejected. I do not know why. The reasons given were This edit introduces spam, defaces the ...
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Editing an answer (or question) can make it get more upvotes. Shouldn't the editor also get credit for these later upvotes?

Editing can substantially change an answer or question. These changes, if accepted, may increase the value of the answer/question and the number the up-votes it gets. These should be reflected in the ...
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