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Down votes without comments [duplicate]

I’m not personally a great fan of the concept of down-votes, but I know people want to express a view and I understand they play a useful role. For me, the upvotes say enough and dreadful posts can be ...
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Why minus 500 a few days ago [duplicate]

Many of my posts had -10 and -20 all on one day. Did I upset someone? I do not see how all those could get downvotes all in one day.
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Under what circumstances do close-votes generate downvotes, if any?

I'm asking in relation to this question... but I think this could be a good general purpose answer.
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Isn't it weird that you type upgrades and get updates?

Isn't it weird that you type upgrades and get updates? Why did this question: Is there a command to find updatable packages? get negative votes? As I explained in the comment. The problem is here ، It ...
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I believe I have been downvoted because I downvoted answers which I thought were poor

My question was: Roguelike platformers available on ubuntu? Are there any rogue-like >side scrolling platformers< available on ubuntu? I downvoted both answers, because they did not in my opinion,...
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Are we making Ask Ubuntu to uninviting to new users

Whilst down-voting is encouraged for sloppy, no effort, questions. Or answers that are bad or clearly incorrect. I have noticed a growing trend of down votes on first question/posts in the review ...
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What to do when posts are voted down for no reason?

It's really annoying, a user asked this question: I am wondering what the point of sh being symbolic linked to dash is? I understand that dash is supposed to be faster than bash, but I am uncertain ...
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Users under 500 rep need to leave a comment as to why they downvoted? [duplicate]

I'm sure many users have experienced the dreaded "Downvote with no explanation." This causes many problems, such as unexplained loss of reputation, lack of knowledge of how to improve a post (which ...
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How to pragmatically deal with down-votes on a good question when you are the author of the questions?

Recently someone down-voted a question I posted on Ask Ubuntu which was a very good question. I do not give a damn but is it alright to sit and see the down-vote on a good question or is there a way ...
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Could we modify the pop-up of the downvote icon of questions?

Reading the answers and comments that I got on this question "Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?" I changed my mind: An answer needs to be upvoted or downvoted, it is ...
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Was I wrong to down vote this answer?

I down voted and answer on this question, you can read the comments as too why. This user proceeded to trawl through my history and try to find ways to get me to change my vote based on another ...
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Why does voting down decrement Reputation

if an answer is wrong , then we can vote it and the wrong answer goes down the list,but why decrementing the hard-earned reputation?? we need to bring a change to that policy.
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feature request : Reasons for down-votes [duplicate]

I think it is really important to know the reasons for getting down-votes. Feature Description: The users must be asked for providing a valid reason for downvoting a post which already has 5 or more ...
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ancient down-voting and modern Linux-society ;o)

To clarify my question - this following ( please take my opinion more with humour not with deadly seriousity ) : Being "down-voted" is somehow ancient and leads into direction like being "pilloried". ...
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Why is there a badge for down voting?

I found some humor in that I can get a badge for down voting someone. I try to look at the positive things in life. It's a waste of energy looking for the negative. I'm sure someone will down vote ...
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Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?

Some brand new Ubuntu users are posting some questions, being not yet familiar with AskUbuntu their question is not always very clear. I understand that to downvote such question to close them. But ...
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