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Is it good style to downvote developers who announce their projects?

Sometimes we see developers who use Ask Ubuntu as a platform to annouce their projects. I feel this is a good idea, especially when a project does address an unsolved issue many people have. For ...
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1 answer

Answer got downvoted but user removed the question

So I answered a question about a Internet connection problem where the connection worked but there was no Internet. Naturally I suggested to check the DNS settings and I got my answer downvoted.. A ...
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2 answers

-1 reputation for nothing

Ok I am wondering why and how I can remove negative reps on ask ubuntu. I know how to search for questions and answers before I ask. Then someone comes along and gives me a down vote because they ...
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1 answer

Could we modify the pop-up of the downvote icon of questions?

Reading the answers and comments that I got on this question "Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?" I changed my mind: An answer needs to be upvoted or downvoted, it is ...
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3 answers

Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?

Some brand new Ubuntu users are posting some questions, being not yet familiar with AskUbuntu their question is not always very clear. I understand that to downvote such question to close them. But ...
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2 answers

Is it proper to downvote a question that describes a bug?

After a research, and finding no solution to the problem I faced on my Ubuntu machine, I made and posted a detailed question to Ask Ubuntu. To my surprise, what I have is a bug (not sure if known or ...
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1 answer

Many users just voting down, even when answerers follow up?

I've been answering questions lately, and been giving responses as much as I can. I usually provide links to websites where the question asker can get more information, and reference where I get my ...
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0 answers

A Question Regarding Negative Reputation [duplicate]

Some answer to this question Black screen after login with cursor, I gave him down vote & suddenly i loose the 1 point, can any one guide me how it work ? Given Down Vote To Answer Loosing 1 ...
10 votes
1 answer

Should I downvote a good answer if there is a competing better answer?

Suppose someone asks a question. It has two solutions - one is easier than the other, but the other one has some benefits of its own. For example, there was one question about imagemagick where the ...
7 votes
1 answer

Minor alignment issue with downvote button

When casting a downvote upon a post, I noticed that the downvote arow is misaligned between when no vote is cast and when it is downvoted. You can see below a GIMP image showing the two images next to ...
14 votes
6 answers

Why are people downvoting questions with obvious solutions?

There is something I have seen in both stackoverflow and askubuntu. That is happening way more at stackoverflow but even at AskUbuntu. There are questions with minus ratings and negative votes (for ...
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0 answers

Reputation lost on downvoting others [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I observed that my reputation decreases when I downvote answers, why? Why do I loose 1 reputation point for downvoting others answers? I even provided a reason! I just lost ...
12 votes
1 answer

Who downvoted my question/answer on Ask Ubuntu?

Can I know who down voted my question/answer on Ask Ubuntu so that I can ask him the reason for it?
6 votes
1 answer

downvoting random comments in answers?

I saw some answers where the user just puts in random comment. I like what I read from this link " " but is downvoting ...
11 votes
1 answer

Poorly Written Questions - Is it okay to downvote?

I have seen a lot of questions where people do not bother to spell check or capitalize their I's, and leave beginnings of sentences uncapitalized. I have seen posts that use texting abbreviations, etc....