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Serial downvote: how to make it stop? Tired of having my questions deleted

For the second time on, I got serial downvoted. The user who downvotes targets questions with no upvote and no answer so that after the downvote the question will automatically deleted....
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About a post in AskUbuntu that received a downvote

Yesterday I posted in Ask Ubuntu a question about dnsmasq, and it was a large post with all important details, what I have tried already, the error messages, and it became really long - more than I ...
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Under what circumstances do close-votes generate downvotes, if any?

I'm asking in relation to this question... but I think this could be a good general purpose answer.
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Could we modify the pop-up of the downvote icon of questions?

Reading the answers and comments that I got on this question "Could we add a delay before being able to downvote a question?" I changed my mind: An answer needs to be upvoted or downvoted, it is ...
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