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2 answers

Why do some questions have "community wiki" over the user's name?

All questions have the user's name at the bottom right. But some don't have the avatar and have the mysterious "community wiki" over the user's name. What exactly does that mean? Here's an example: ...
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26 votes
8 answers

Should answers have terminal or GUI instructions?

Should we aim to provide answers that use the terminal, through shell commands, or answers that use the GUI, through pointing and clicking? May be related to this question about our intended public
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16 votes
5 answers

Who is the public for which this service is intended, exactly?

Some of the questions appearing seem pretty advanced, wile others (like the ones I'm asking) are elementary. Who is the user we imagine using this service? The answer to this question should ...
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33 votes
4 answers

How do we tell if a question belongs here, or rather at stackoverflow/superuser?

I asked a question about vim in the ubuntu stackexchange, and someone suggested it should be taken to stack overflow or superuser. Would this be relevant, or should general Linux/UNIX software stuff ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Should we have a consistent naming scheme?

This is very much related to this question about merging tags. This goes one step further to assume that we SHOULD. What should the naming convention be?
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10 votes
3 answers

Merging codenames with versions

Should we merge all codename tags with the version tags? Already there are tags like lucid and 10.04 which are identical.
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23 votes
1 answer

Can I use this site to post a how-to?

Can (and should) I use Ask Ubuntu to ask a question that I already know the answer to in order to make a "how-to"?
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21 votes
1 answer

Discouraging "Ubuntu" tags

Figured I might as well be the first to bring this up... Some relation to but not the same issue as: What ubuntu versions are covered? At time of writing, there are currently nine instances of the "...
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12 votes
7 answers

404 Image Nominations

All the other sites seem to be doing this... We need an image that will be displayed when users try to bring up a page that does not exist. Please quote the source so the team can negotiate rights ...
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12 votes
4 answers

What ubuntu versions are covered?

There is a question on the site about this, but it belongs here so I rephrase. Is the site just about Ubuntu or also Xubuntu Kubuntu and so on. imho all official derivates should be covered ...
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3 answers

Can I ask Kubuntu related questions here as well? [duplicate]

Or Xubuntu as well? Is this *buntu independent?
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4 answers

StackApplet - Monitor your reputation and get notified of comments. [v1.5 released]

StackApplet 1.5 released! Be sure to visit the downloads page to give the latest version a try. If you are able to translate StackApplet to another language, that would be awesome! If not, you can ...
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15 votes
25 answers

What should our .com domain name be? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Note: We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong ...

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