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How do I add comments on answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: how do I leave a comment to an answer on the Ask Ubuntu site? This may be a stupid question, but I don't get it. I see that all kinds of people leave comments on specific ...
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50 Reputation on comments is too much? Add new function to suggest?

I have low reputation as you see. And the problem i see with this is, that when i try to troubleshoot someone's question that requires some active or continuous communication, or a suggestion like "...
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Can we do away with, "We don't support EOL distributions" when it is tangential and completely and utterly unrelated to the question?

How can I push to Launchpad if port 22 is blocked?? Asked a question about using git, and pushing to Launchpad. I was asked my distribution, I responded "19.10", and asked why that mattered. ...
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What is the best way to write a reply to a comment?

I see at least 3 ways to reply to a comment while mentioning the user: @user: Bla-bla-bla @user, Bla-bla-bla @user - Bla-bla-bla Which one is the proper or the best way to do it?
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Whats the right way to request details for helping to solve a problem

Because some of you have such detailed ideas how to help OPs (and especially how not) and some of you like to express this by waves of downvotes (even if th OP accepted the answer) I want to ask you ...
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How do I add URLs to comments and what are available aliases like [edit]?

I can't quite get how to add inline links to comments. There are some aliases like[edit] but I see that people add other useful links this way. Where can I find list of these aliases, or add inline ...
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Always Allow Voting and Commenting Privleges For Users With More than 200 on other Stack Exchange Sites

As the question Am I allowed to ask for a rep boost indicates, offering a bounty without realizing that you will no longer be able to comment or vote seems to not be atypical. This is exactly what ...
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Does anyone have the privileges to delete someone else's comments?

Is there anyone who has the privilege to delete someone else's comments ? I think someone has deleted my comments on one of my questions...
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Why can't I add a comment to others' questions? [duplicate]

Why can't I add comments to others' questions? I can only answer questions but I need to clarify some more specifically. I see instructions that I should avoid thanking, clarifying and other things in ...
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What happens to my comment if the parent question/answer is deleted?

Let's say that I leave a comment on a question, responding to an answer that was left. Can the person who left the answer delete his answer and my comment? I didn't think that it was possible, is ...
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Can a new-user comment and answer? Is a feedback to an answer allowed to be posted as an answer?

I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: How do I get the grub menu to show on a MacBook? My post was not an answer but a comment, not sure if that's the reason because has been deleted. I can't ...
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Is it is possible to search my comment activity history?

I was messing around with the settings of the GIMP earlier, and I found a potential answer to a question I remember commenting on a while ago - I have tried searching through the search box from my ...
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When is a possible answer a comment?

Most probably this is a duplicate but I looked for some guidance on this in both help and meta and I was not able to find. When someone is asking a question on which the answer is not directly clear, ...
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Comment system notifications

I found a ridiculous bug for the comments notification system. If I comment on someone else's question thread, I'm notified of any reply to the particular answer or question I've commented on. However,...
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What kind of text formatting is possible in reply of the question in Ask Ubuntu? [duplicate]

I'm a newbie on Ask Ubuntu. I can use the text formatting in the body of question in Ask Ubuntu. Then, what kind of text formatting is possible in reply of the question? I did not find such ...
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5 seconds between comment edit is broken

4 minutes after posting a comment I quickly fixed a sentence. Too quickly, as I made a typo. Trying to fix the typo as fast as possible, I got "You may only edit a comment every 5 seconds". So I ...
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AskUbuntu permissions [duplicate]

I was looking at the permissions available to me, and was wondering why upvoting an answer is unlocked before commenting on any thread. I understand that it's, in part, to reduce commenters who spam ...
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Not able to comment on my own answer

I have enough reps but I am unable to comment on my answer to this question. What's the problem?
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Previously (non-)upvoted comment doesn't show the (non-)upvote received anymore

I'm positive that an *apparent* upvote on a comment of mine it's not there anymore: after having left the comment, I was still in the page to read one of the answers a second time when I saw it got ...
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1 answer

Show comments before comment form in add/show 3 more comments

In questions with more than five comments, the first five are shown and the rest hidden under a 'add/show x more comments'. When you click that link, you are first shown the comment textarea to add ...
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How to comment below the post [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I comment on an answer? I really searched all the area inside the post page to comment or ask the user about the post but failed. How it is possible as many doing the ...
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What does this symbol mean?

Really not about Ubuntu, but I have recently noticed some people using this symbol <3 on Ask Ubuntu and Ask Ubuntu Meta. What does it mean? Is it some secret code that only certain people ...
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2 answers

How to create a comment with a picture?

I would like to be able to add comment with picture, in order to request some information to the person posting the question. So I can not edit the question for that, like proposed in here. It is ...
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Moderators should be able to mark questions as answered

I know about similar requests, but after stumbling over this question (just an example; question poster answered himself using edits instead of an answer) I thought you should at least add an option ...
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2 answers

How to continue discussions important to a meta question?

Are long comment threads on meta questions discussing issues directly pertinent to the question considered bad, even if they do not become repetitive? I know this is considered bad on main...but meta ...
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-8 votes
3 answers

How to deal with nonconstructive comments?

I read some kind of rule on SO or some sub site that were like this (very vague) You should not question the purposes, the if's and how's of why a particular person wan't to do a particular ...
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Is there any mechanism to block trolls from harassing you?

I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: Backup for Cloud Email Is there any mechanism to block trolls from harassing you? I asked my first question (linked above) and it's infested by someone ...
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I'm probably going to get skewered for this -- You can be rude and still provide a perfectly suitable answer to a question

As the thread title suggests, I think we need to stop considering people's attitude when answering questions and helping people. If the intent is good at the end of the day, it honestly does not ...
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