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Preserve tabs in code

Tabs are currently rendered as spaces in code blocks. I'm sure this is just a symptom of Markdown or an otherwise well-intentioned method to standardise code samples... However some code needs tabs to ...
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Scrolling code blocks glitch

This is me trying to scroll left and right on this code block (animated): Here are the still images: This is a copy of the problematic code block, which I first found in this question dpkg was ...
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Preformatted text horizontal scrolling - bug or feature?

AskUbuntu help recommend to style pre-formatted text and console output with #four spaces But sometimes it results in scrolling text. See this question as an example. The problematic line (as ...
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Syntax highlighting doesn’t work on meta

When I enter <!-- language-all: lang-bash --> if :; then echo "quoted"; fi in a post on main, the output looks like this: Here on meta, the very same code gets no syntax highlighting at ...
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How can I shorten the Long Code output in questions and answers and display scrollbars?

There are some questions and answers that have very log output that is condensed with scrollbars. Is there a formatting method to control how much is displayed between the scrolling. I believe some ...
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