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Questions which have been closed for any of the usual reasons.

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Why exactly was my youtube question closed again?

I noticed with amusement that my youtube question from almost a year ago (!!!) was closed today. Our esteemed Mr. Edwards deemed it offtopic. According to him this should rather be a bug report. I ...
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3 answers

Should we clean up the 12.04 closed questions?

I've noticed that a bunch of closed questions on 12.04 are clogging up the search column on the related questions for each question, and also are generally all alpha/beta stuff anyway. Should we make ...
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Closed as exact duplicate -> where is the solution?

Mu question Can I do an install onto a 4GB usb stick which is smaller than the recommended installation size? was closed as exact duplicate with a url to possible duplicate answer. Currently I have ...
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2 answers

Question wrongly closed as duplicate

This question comparing the beta and daily-live builds of Ubuntu+1, was closed as an exact duplicate of this question, which is a much more general question, "Are daily builds of Ubuntu stable enough ...
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What to do with questions related to Gimp usage?

I created a question related to Gimp usage, because a few such questions were under the tag Gimp. My question was closed. I asked on askubuntu because I'm Ubuntu user. I know that Gimp is multi-...
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5 answers

Why is hiding GRUB menu too localized?

As per my brother's request, I want to hide the GRUB menu, on his dual-boot machine, only to have it appear when he presses some key. I Googled and found this question, and a few days later I noticed ...
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question about "download[ing] packages for offline installation" incorrectly closed as duplicate

This question has been closed as a duplicate of this question. But I do not believe they are really asking the same thing. I think that the recent question is asked in a way that is unfortunately not ...
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what to do with questions without an owner? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do with abandoned questions? what is the guidlines for questions without an owner? Should they be closed? should they be maintained by anyone? what's the deal? ...
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1 answer

I asked a specific question - it was marked as closed due to "exact duplicate." It's NOT a duplicate?

Today I asked a question about dual-head video cards for Ubuntu 10.04 or 11.04. It was marked as a duplicate and CLOSED, though the link I was directed to provides absolutely NO information about ...
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1 answer

Reopening of a closed question?

Hi. Recently a question of mine was closed due to being an exact duplicate of this one. While I always skim-through the questions with similar titles, I hadn't thought to search under "microblogging" ...
10 votes
4 answers

Why was question 4389 closed?

This question. As I understand it, it's just a fun question, quite like the apt-get-from-2020 one. I really can't understand why we accept and upvote one, but not the other. Sure it should be a ...
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2 answers

Are we too harsh on this one ?

This question is along the lines of favourite emacs shortcut or best video editor or text editor or php/ror editor for ubuntu. Many of them are lingering along nicely as community wiki's without ...
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Disable voting for closed questions.

Because it is closed for some reasons.

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