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Questions which have been closed for any of the usual reasons.

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19 votes
3 answers

Should questions seeking workarounds for bugs be allowed?

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 and had my alt + tab break. Fortunately, I found a question on Ask Ubuntu that had the solution. However, since this question was closed, the solution was posted ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to resolve conflicting information about "Chrubuntu" policy/status?

My understanding is that we do not currently consider Chrubuntu to be an unofficial derivative (or even a separate derivative at all), and that the current consensus is not to close questions as off-...
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6 votes
5 answers

Some closed questions should not be downvoted, just closed. Thoughts?

There are some questions that are not deserving a downvote considering the circumstances, such as when the OP is obviously not accustomed to using the the site and thinks that it is pretty much a ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Why was question 4389 closed?

This question. As I understand it, it's just a fun question, quite like the apt-get-from-2020 one. I really can't understand why we accept and upvote one, but not the other. Sure it should be a ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Are we too harsh on this one ?

This question is along the lines of favourite emacs shortcut or best video editor or text editor or php/ror editor for ubuntu. Many of them are lingering along nicely as community wiki's without ...
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3 answers

Let's reopen this on-topic question about using Ubuntu software in Ubuntu [duplicate]

This question is, and has always been, on topic. The OP's reading of the FAQ is correct. A question about using built-in Ubuntu software and third party Ubuntu software on Ubuntu is a question about ...
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22 votes
1 answer

We should be able to vote to change the close reason

I have seen many times when a question for instance is closed as off-topic, though in fact it should be closed as unclear, and is not off-topic though some may think so, but the change reason stays ...
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16 votes
2 answers

What can we do about high traffic duplicates?

Upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04 is a duplicate question, merged with the more general How to Upgrade from a very old release to the latest. The problem? How to Upgrade has about nine thousand views. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Should a question be reopened if another close reason now suits it better?

I just came across this question in the reopen view queue and I'm not sure what to do. The new edit means that the current close reason doesn't really completely suit it any more, a better one would ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Closed questions which may be considered for reopening after the release of Artful

I was keeping a list of questions which got closed as off-topic as they were about 17.10 for past few weeks. Now as 17.10 is released, I think at least some of the questions have the potential to be ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to handle chains of "duplicate of..."?

Sometimes one post (P1) is commented "possible duplicate of P2". P2 itself is commented "possible duplicate of P3". Example:
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5 votes
1 answer

Can questions closed but not as duplicates have their answers merged?

It is possible for a moderator to merge a question that's closed, but not as a duplicate? For example, this too localized question doesn't seem like a candidate for reopening, except that it seems to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Re-opening a misunderstood question

When I asked question 231990, I referred to my 10.04 installation as a "custom distro", when I really meant that it had a custom connection setup for wired ethernet (using cntlm to connect to a proxy)....
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2 votes
2 answers

How can I request for a question to be reopened which was incorrectly closed as a duplicate?

I once answered a question Too many images in one directory. I suggested Shotwell to create sub-folders. And later on, I flagged Is there a terminal command to split a folder in two? as a possible ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How is this question off-topic?

I posted a question about the crouton tool for creating an ubuntu environment in chrome os, but it was put on hold as off-topic. The question is this: I attempted several times to use the crouton ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should a question be closed as duplicate of another when it is asking for the same goal but via a different route?

I recently closed a question as a duplicate of another, however I am starting to think that I may have made a mistake here along with the other close voters... So just to make it easier, let's refer ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can older questions be closed as duplicates of newer questions in special circumstances on meta?

Here on meta, sometimes issues arise, and then arise again later as circumstances change. Is it appropriate, in such a situation, to close older questions about a topic as duplicates of a newer ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Why did you close this question instead of migrating it?

This guy asked about elementary OS. I voted to notify the moderators, I commented letting him know it's off topic. But why didn't you migrate it to superuser or I'm not trying to defend him. ...
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Closed as exact duplicate -> where is the solution?

Mu question Can I do an install onto a 4GB usb stick which is smaller than the recommended installation size? was closed as exact duplicate with a url to possible duplicate answer. Currently I have ...
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PROPOSAL: Checklist for addressing questions mentioning non-Ubuntu distributions

For those not aware of the context: One side of the community is pro editing out mentions of other OS where question asks about non-specific to OS things, such as scripting; another side, is pro-...
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