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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

Questions which have been closed for any of the usual reasons.

10 questions with no upvoted or accepted answers
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Please avoid lengthening existing duplicate chains

A recent example: is tagged as a duplicate of Command to know my external IP address? which is itself a duplicate of How can ...
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Why the author of a post is not notified when a question is about to close?

Why is the author of a post not notified when a question is about to close? Many times I have found the question closed only when I visit the question for a probable answer barring the author to ...
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It asks something different, and it needs a different answer, so can we reopen it?

Edit: question reopened. Thanks :) Can you have too much swap? is closed as a duplicate of I have 16GB RAM. Do I need 32GB swap? But the first question is asking what problems might arise from ...
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Should voting to close a correctly closed question for the right reason really be considered failure?

I encountered this review audit. To test me, the review item told me the question had received close votes as primarily opinion-based. This was obviously wrong, which I recognized quickly, but I saw a ...
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Inconsistent date in close description

I am talking about this question: Software Updater is saying "You stopped the check for updates". What should I do? The question was asked 11 months ago and the question was closed 12 ...
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Consider reopening question 113235

Question 113235 is closed, being considered an exact duplicate of question 43174. Now, I got the answer I needed before the question was closed, so I won't suffer much from it being closed, but I ...
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installing software leads to "unmet dependencies" so question is closed...why?

I'd like some elaboration as to why this question on unmet dependencies was closed. It's not an obscure package, although it's also not in the default repos. Broadly, just asking how to install, and, ...
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This question is not duplicate so consider re-opening it

I asked this question "The software on this computer is up to date" while upgrading 12.10 to 13.04 I have this unique error "The software on this computer is up to date" I couldn't find its ...
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Question marked as already solved incorrectly

Is it possible migrate existing programs installed in windows? This question is "how to migrate already installed (under Windows) applications to Wine". And the question linked as already answered is ...
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Why are we marking these UEFI questions as duplicates of the wrong question?

I see many, many questions written by users having trouble installing Ubuntu in a dual-boot configuration on their UEFI-enabled PC, that are being marked as duplicates of Installing Ubuntu Alongside a ...
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