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about the Ask Ubuntu Clean Up meant to clean up the site

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Reminder: Unanswered + Time != Too Localised

There's a slightly worrying trend since we started clean-up efforts: we are closing unanswered questions for being too old. I need to emphasise that this is not what clean-up is about. The idea of ...
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Can this tag be [repair]ed or should we throw it away...?

I came across the tag repair today: 112 questions tagged Excerpt: Questions about repairing Ubuntu can be tagged here (after a fatal error, looping kernel panics, etc.) Wiki: none Followers: 0 ...
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YIKES! I've run out of reviews in the close queue but I still have close votes!

Well, the 10kers (users with more than 10,000 reputation) there's the close queue in the form of 10k-tools, but mere mortals doesn't have this tool at all. But, don't exasperate, you still can spend ...
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Swag for the cleanup team

The Ask Ubuntu moderator team with the Stack Exchange community people is happy to announce that your work and efforts to keep the site clean and tidy have been noticed and we are thankful for all ...
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What to do about crash and freeze tags?

Both crash and freeze are mostly all bug reports, most of which aren't diagnosable. iirc at one time we were in the process of blacklisting these, did we end up not wanting to do that?
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Cleanup 2014: Tags without tag wikis

what is a tag wiki? Tag wikis are brief excerpts of information detailing what the tag is about, the kinds of questions that should be asked in a tag, and possibly providing you links to some external ...
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Lets remove the tools, crash, freeze, timeout and troubleshooting tags the right way™

Well, this is not your run off the mill tag removal request, but a petition to also close the questions with these tags. Questions tagged with such tags tend to be totally worthless, unclear and ...
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Clean up (re-allotted question)

I have been given (re-allotted) questions that I have previously commented on. Trying to prod the OP to respond. (not flagged) While waiting these questions are making a second or third round. I also ...
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