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38 votes
6 answers

What are common canonical questions for our site?

So according to the Gospel of Spolsky 13:4, a core mission of Stack Exchange communities is to stop re-answering the same questions, and instead build a library of canonical answers. When general ...
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2 answers

Do we need a canonical partition recovery question? How shall we make it?

We have many questions about how to recover a whole partition. Typically it's an NTFS partition, destroyed by telling Ubiquity to install Ubuntu using the entire disk instead of alongside other ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Canonical question / answer for porting Ubuntu Touch

We recently discussed in the Ask Ubuntu General Room the fact that we do not have a canonical question / answer for porting Ubuntu Touch to new hardware. This has led to a proliferation of questions ...
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1 answer

Should there be a common Q&A for how to take delayed screenshots?

Please look at these two questions: Print Screen key doesn't work if a drop-down menu is active Taking screenshots in Lubuntu (11.10) [duplicate] Although the first question didn't specify a ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is UBPorts within the scope of AskUbuntu?

I have this question here: Does SECURE BOOT need to be disabled on the Nexus 5 before I can install UBPort's Ubuntu Phone Image? I subsequently created new tags for UBPorts, and one of its core ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Duplicates Policy Incentivizes Clutter Rather Than Canonical

Disadvantages of Current Duplicates Policy Stated briefly, the current policy encourages proliferation over pruning. The disadvantages of the current duplicates policy stem from the fact that it is ...
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"Can I run X game that is Only-Windows game in Ubuntu?" we need a canonical question?

Latelly I got the felling that we are now the WineHQ site, where people can ask "will X game run in Ubuntu?". I would love make them check the WineHQ, or ask the makers if they have a Linux version ...
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