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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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4 votes
1 answer

(New) DNS Issues

The following two addresses are not currently resolving to the expected webpages: (see (see ...
2 votes
1 answer

Line height bug in h1 tags

I've seen the bug on Line spacing cosmetics but it doesn't seem to address the bug I'm seeing. If you take a look at this bug, on my screen at least (Ubuntu 10.04 Firefox 3.6.10 1280x800), the h1 ...
4 votes
1 answer

Logo Squashed in Chat

When I signed into chat today, the logo at the bottom-right looks like this. Marco Ceppi commented on it: I know they did some changes to chat yesterday to fix the API - there may have also been a ...
5 votes
1 answer

Incorrect new user text box

Q: What is Ubuntu? A: Apparently, Ubuntu is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for people who love Ubuntu. I think Canonical may not approve of that assessment ;). Don't know if this ...
1 vote
1 answer

In-house chat Ad broken?

I've noticed for the past few days that the Visit House advertisement on the right doesn't properly show the most active rooms. Is this just me or is there a problem in showing the correct rooms?
1 vote
1 answer

Wrong reputation scale on FAQ

On the FAQ page the reputation scale from the Public BETA is still present where it should reflect the current scale.
7 votes
2 answers

I've lost formatting in Firefox, but only for this site ( !

This is weird! ... In Firefox, for this site only, I've am getting a screen full of basic text (and an occasional .png), but I've lost most of the decoration. There is still a semblence of ...
4 votes
1 answer

Line spacing cosmetics

Awesome work on the new site design! I'd like to note a couple CSS issues related to line spacing, in this answer as an expample: The scroll bars in the code block probably shouldn't be there. They ...
5 votes
3 answers

Preformatted text is insufficiently distinct?

The background used for answers on is slightly grey; this makes preformatted text such as this stand out significantly less than on, say I think this requires a ...
5 votes
2 answers

According to Area51, is in public beta/private beta

The proposal page shows Ubuntu in a mix of states ("Public beta"/"Public beta begins soon!"). The site, however, has fully launched, becoming the first Area51 site with its own real domain. ...
3 votes
1 answer

Is this a bug? I can start a bounty on someone's answered question.

Network Manager or WICD? I am given an option to start a bounty. This is not my question, and it has been answered.

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