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Where can I find the questions I have starred?

Above the vote-up and vote-down arrows, we can use the star icon to favorite a question. However, where can I access the list of my starred topics?
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marking answers as favorite

Instead of marking Questions as favorite, can I mark specific answers as favorite? This would help me to keep all my favorite tweaks/tricks/solutions at one place (favorite tab)
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2 answers

Favorite question star shows undo option even when I did not favorite it

We have a star shown under the question votes which shows how many users have it as favorite as shown in figure. But it shows the message even if I wasn't the one to "Favorite" it. It is a minor bug,...
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Users can favorite their own questions?

Why can a user favorite their own question? This seems repetitive and generally useless for two reasons: The user already gets notified of any question updates. It makes it look as though other users ...
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How to delete my favorites?

I specify lots of question as my favorites without attention. Now my favorites become useless and unmanageable. I wish to find any way to delete them all and start to make as favorites with more ...
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Are Favorite Answers being planned?

Sometimes, there's a question that gets posted. You have that problem, as well, so you take a look at the answers. Now, let's say that the answer was the most awesome, well-written answer ever, and ...
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How to search in the favorite questions in AskUbuntu account?

I m starting to have lot of favorite questions in my AskUbuntu account. So it takes me some time to search and find a Question in my favorites. knowing that these questions have tags (like ATI, Wine, ...
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Can I sort my "favourites" questions based on tags?

Is there a possible way of sorting my favorite questions by name or tags? As I have too many favorite questions in my account. So sorting them would make it easier to find the needed question.
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5 votes
1 answer

Why I can make my question favourite

Why I can make my own question a favourite?
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2 answers

Is there a possibility to create/save a list of favorite/useful questions?

How can I create/save a list of questions/answers that are useful for me in my account, for later use?
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Favorites Question Are Not Been Added To My List?

I am adding Favorites Question & its not adding in my Favorites list Using Chromium , i think its latest Version UPDATED i have checked lots of people Favorites & find that they got 15 to 20 ...
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Can the star be on the browsing level of a question?

When I favor a question sometimes; I would like to be able to favor the question when I am browsing on the questions menu; as supposed to clicking the question and then favoring. I was wondering if I ...
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