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Receiving a badge does not correspond to it's description

Today I answered a question for the first time (which made me very happy) and received some badges. One of them looks strange. Teacher badge description says: "Answer a question with score of 1 or ...
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3 answers

Mortarboard / Epic / Legendary badges threshold too high?

I was looking through badges, and I've noticed that those three actually have a really high threshold to be reached in order to be awarded (compared to the difficulty of the task itself), proven by ...
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Badge cheating?

I came across a user with low rep but a gold famous question badge and was curious. It seems his question (the only one he has) was marked as a duplicate of the actual famous question. This seems to ...
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My badge count is different in different places, and I don't like it

This is related (but not a duplicate as this is a feature request). So here is my profile page: The first red box totals 58. The second red box says 41. If I count the number of badges I get 58. ...
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Why Is Main site not giving appropriate badge for reading FAQ?

Have mentioned this in chat a few weeks ago and as others have referred to SE system in other answers here in meta thought would ask for advice regarding the reasons or possibilities to why i have not ...
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"Peer pressure" badge doesn't appear in my profile page

I was notified that I had gotten the "peer pressure" badge, and was told to see my profile. I did and that badge doesn't appear there. I think maybe I've experienced that before with another badge.
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What is Cleanup badge [duplicate]

I do not understand what the Cleanup Badge First rollback is? I have checked recent achievement under badges.
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What is a positive question record? [duplicate]

The question says it all: What is a positive question record? You need this for the Curious badge, so what is it?
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Different badges in main user and meta, Reputations only for main user

There is independence between awarded badges on askubuntu main user and meta user. But reputations is same for main user and meta user. However, voting and accepting questions and answers on meta ...
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No Vox Populi Badge awarded [duplicate]

I have expended my 40 votes today and I am unable to vote on anything else for today. But still I am not awarded the Vox Populi badge. Can someone please check?
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Can't get my Analytical badge

I have just visited every page in the FAQ, hoping to get my 1st badge. But it didn't reward me one. Can someone tell me how to get the badge?
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Should Canonical employees have special badges?

I've been reading some questions where the answer was given by an employee of Canonical, the company sponsoring Ubuntu. I thought it would be a good idea if users who are employees of Canonical (or ...
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