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"Peer pressure" badge doesn't appear in my profile page

I was notified that I had gotten the "peer pressure" badge, and was told to see my profile. I did and that badge doesn't appear there. I think maybe I've experienced that before with another badge.
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1 answer

I do not understand some of the badges

Specifically , the "good answer" and "great answer" two, it seems I have a few answers which would qualify. Keep the Ubuntu package version I'm using now That answer has 5 upvotes. It is not ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What's the purpose of the Reversal badge?

No one has ever been awarded this badge, what is the purpose of having it?
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1 answer

What does the "First rollback" description mean for the badge Cleanup

I do not understand what the description "First Rollback" means for the badge Cleanup. What is a rollback? Can someone please explain to me what this is?
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2 tags meaning the same (Badge and Badges

There are 2 tags with the same purpose: Badge and Badges. I think badges should be used instead of badge since it includes one or many badges.
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1 answer

Badges descriptions should be rewritten

Taking this as base: Better Understanding Badges many badges descriptions should be rewritten for the user to understand them better. There are a lot that can be understood in several ways and if ...
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3 answers

What constitutes an "edit" for badges?

What counts as editing, specifically for badges such as Strunk & White, Copy Editor, Excavator and Archaeologist? Does retagging count? Editing my own posts? Rollbacks? (I assume so.) Flagging? ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Better Understanding Badges

There are a couple of Badges that i do not understand the explanation they have on how to obtain them. For example: Epic Badge (Silver) - Earned at least 200 reputation on 50 days Does that mean ...
7 votes
2 answers

Is there an askubuntu button I can put on my site?

I have seen the flair boxes which look kinda funky, but what if I want just a little badge to go along with other ones like you see on the left of ?
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2 answers

Problem with the "Announcer" badge page... As you can see in the above screenshot, if the question is too long, the information about the user who received the Announcer badge is cut off.
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Can we earn badges by sharing a link somewhere other than Twitter and Facebook?

As far as I understand from the related page, at the moment we can share a guestion on Twitter and Facebook and seems that there's a possibility to earn announcer, booster and publicist badges for ...
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2 answers

Missing badges in flair

I placed flair on my blog. It updates my reputation (Edit: Now that, it doesn't update anything) but my badges is one less than the actual. I have 3 badges but it displays 2; it doesn't take the ...